I have no idea what to say in here, though, once upon a time, I kept a diary quite religiously. It was filled with all kinds of weird. I think I'll post the review I got for The Cambion's Kiss.

Lady Exotica is a love slave in sexual servitude to Kaliban, crown prince of Oea. As such, she should not have any emotions as they are forbidden. Because she does, it causes Kaliban to cast her from his bed. When she overhears a conversation about the existence of Kaliban’s brother, Cambion, and Kaliban's desire to eliminate him, she sees a way to gain her freedom.

ambion is gaining some success in California as a model for romance covers. Having had many a bed partner that left him empty, he could not figure out what he was missing - until Exotica appeared. At once he sensed the excitement that he had unknowingly craved in this gorgeous woman. And then they took a dive off of a balcony overlooking the ocean, and things were never the same.

Exotica and Cambion enter the world of master and slave, both uncertain of their own motivations. The pleasure/pain sensations blur the lines between the two, leaving only confusion and great passion. Would Exotica’s plan work to secure her freedom, or would Cambion’s kisses capture her heart?

Ms. Raquel Taylor has captured the essence of BDSM in this story. Although I am not personally familiar with this subject, I am open minded enough to understand it. Exotica displays a great deal of compassion in her actions toward Cambion, while Cambion shows all of the confusion of the uninitiated. Their growing passion negates the punishment inherent in this type of relationship, making for a great romance. For those readers with open minds, here is something different. I really liked this book.

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Every story needs a beginning, and I'm going to assume that for every blog as well. This review is a lovely beginning to this blog:)