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Saphira Morgan has had a very tough year. Her husband has cheated on her with his secretary. Her only comfort is her hobby, which is painting.

Ransom Morgan doesn’t know why his wife is becoming more and more distant toward him. He is running for Mayor, and he wants his wife back.

Ransom purchased Rousseau Manor for his wife because of the paintings of the faeries inside the house. Saphira enjoys painting the faeries; it helps her forget the envelopes full of pictures of his affair. One evening at the manor, Saphira is attacked by an escaped convict, and the faeries help her escape by bringing the two into the world in which they’ve been trapped for years by the owner of the house, Vincent Rousseau. Ransom goes to the manor when Saphira doesn’t come home. He, too, is taken into the faeries’ room. Saphira is convinced she is in a dream and wants to wake up. There are all sorts of creatures and beings in this world, but somewhere in the back of Saphira’s mind, they seem familiar. Inside this world is also the jealous mistress, a pack of horny satyrs, and a murderous madman--and nothing will be the same again.

Seduction Of The Fae was a little difficult for me to follow at first. The plot was complicated but enjoyable. Raquel Taylor does a fantastic job creating this mystical, magical world. The sex is intense and wild and fantastic. Ms. Taylor has a wonderful ability to take the story through the twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat.

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Someone asked me about this some time ago, so for that person...The Cambion's Kiss will be re-released January 7, 2008.


Lady Exotica of Oea is a broken succuba. In love with the Prince of the Incubi, she is a slave to her emotions--and for that, Prince Kaliban casts her off to his cruel, murderous cousin. But it seems that the Prince has a brother on the human plane--a Cambion who has as much right to the throne. Only the Cambion can save Exotica now. All she has to do is awaken and dominate the sex demon in him. It will be easy, sensual, and with no strings attached. At least, that's what she thinks ... until she kisses him.