Merry Christmas

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Dez Nuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost in an erotic pose ...

Merry Christmas 
to you ...


Another year gone and what's bugging me today?


A movie called Free Fall, which was about this dude with a pregnant girlfriend falling in love with another dude. I read a review of the movie that I resent because due to the review I didn't watch the movie for a very long time. I hate sad shit. Life is sad enough, really. I don't need to watch sad films. The review I read said a lot of things and none of them good about this movie. I took the reviewer at their word, and, honestly, this was the last time I'll do something like that. I can't even call the review a misrepresentation of fact. In my humble opinion, the reviewer just kind of lied. Like they didn't want to like the movie when they sat down to watch it and picked it apart for everything that could possibly be even remotely considered wrong with it. 

Free Fall was kind of beautiful in an ugly way. It ended sadly but it ended in a very real kind of way. The main character, Marc, didn't know he was gay exactly, and his love interest, Kay, was just pretty damn sweet. They could have been happy together if other people hadn't kept getting in the way. I felt sorry for Marc's girlfriend on some level, but the truth of the matter was that they were two people who didn't need to be together. Shit happens. 

The reviewer said that Marc had a picture perfect life before he met Kay. What I saw was a man in a trap. He was bored and unhappy and honor bound to stay that way. There was nothing 'picture perfect' about it. The reviewer said that Kay was predatory. What I saw was Kay reacting to the things that Marc did. Marc hit on Kay first -- and literally, even if subconsciously. The reviewer said that Kay was into drugs and dragged Marc down into a drug induced life of sex and ... well ... drugs. Uhm, Marc popped two pills the whole time -- at least on screen. The reviewer said that Kay left Marc like leaving him was the goal of this predatory person from the jump. Kay left after Marc gave him back the key to his place -- saying, pretty much, the he didn't want him. I don't know too many people who would stick around after that, honestly. 

I don't like sad movies, but this one, at least, wasn't sad for the sake of being sad. It wasn't a judgement call. It was a movie about what happens in a situation like this sometimes. I think the movie handled itself well. I'd like to smash that reviewer in the mouth with a hammer. And learned, for the final time, not to listen to anyone else's opinion about anything -- but to judge for myself. 

I suggest that the movie should be seen by anyone who happens to read this. The guys are beautiful, and there's chemistry between them, and, while sad, it's sad for a good reason. And there's still hope if Marc decides to go searching for what he lost... 

...which he definitely should do. 


I'm writing quite a bit of horror fiction as it was my first love. I am remembering what it was like to scare the shit out of people instead of trying to arouse them. For me, it feels the same, you know. Lost in words, and pictures, and phrases, and screams. I missed this. And it took doing it a couple of times to remember that. 

I'm pseudonym (ing) my way through life these days and it's satisfying in its way. I enjoy being the creepy thing under the bed and in the closet. 


I have nothing else to report. I just really wanted to counter that shitty review actually. It was all in depth and serious and I took it seriously-- and after I watched the movie, under duress, I was mad about that. 

So that is all, try to remember what Bill and Ted said that fateful day in 1988:

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Try not to be a cunt.

This love song's for you, Santa Claus... 
... for all that you do...



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I have to recommend this television program. I feel obligated to share it with those who, perhaps, may have missed its ... wonderfulness. I watched this whole thing in one sitting. Well, after episode 2 I had to sit back and take a break from it, but then, I was right back at it. It's a strange kind of horror this, and this is not a horror show, not really. It's description reads: 

Suspenseful satire with a techno-paranoia bent, the `Black Mirror' is all personal technology.

I suppose that's rather apt. I loved this show enough to talk about it here. There were only six episodes available on Netflix, though I could have stayed down this particularly horrific rabbit hole forever. I hope they make more and I hope that continue to produce good material like this episode to episode. My favorite episodes of the six were: 

1. The National Anthem

All about the Prime Minister of England and a ... pig. And a kidnapped princess. And the price of a life. And social pressure. And empathy, I think. Or the lack thereof. 

Would you fuck a pig on national television in order to save the princess? Would you have a choice?

2. 15 Million Merits

This one was my personal favorite. It is indescribably horrific and must be seen to understood. I won't even try to ruin it for anyone by describing the world -- because it's THIS one. 

There's a show that you can go on if you earn enough credits and the show ( American Idol -ish) will make you rich and famous. 

This one is about the death of beauty. The purposeful, malicious destruction of honestly beautiful things/people in order that we can relate to those things/people. Reducing them. 

3. White Bear

 I love the actress that played this part. But I couldn't sympathize with her in this world, which, I think makes her a better actress. 

What is the price of killing a six year old? Are people like that animals? Do they belong in zoos? Should we take field trips?

My interpretation of the events unfolding in the program may be off from yours, but I can guarantee you that this show will make you THINK.

It's brilliant, in my humble opinion, and while watching made me uncomfortable more than once, I'm glad I got to see this. I hope there's more. 

I suppose that's all I have to say today. I could blather on about the injustices of the world, but I just don't feel like it. From senselessly racist Youtube comments to women who allow their significant others to beat their children to death and cry that they just couldn't see fit to do what was necessary to protect them, to stupid ass wars to murdered East Indian female infants ... I'm just tired...