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Do you 
Breathe the name
Of your savior 
In your hour of need

And taste the pain
If the flavor
Should remind you of greed

Of implication
And Ill will
Till you 
can not lie still

In all this turmoil 
Before red cape 
And foil
Come closing in 
for the kill...


RED RUM (worth blogging about...sorta)

I usually keep my mouth closed when one of these companies I used to work for closes. I chalk about 99 percent of my experiences up to racism. I could be wrong there, or right there, but I think I'm more right than wrong, ultimately. For me, it doesn't really matter. Such is the way of the fucking world. And, while the world is wrong, it's been wrong for a long time and it seems to like being wrong. Who am I to fuck with that? Talking about it to the racists fucks that condone this type of shit isn't going to make them less prone to treating me like some kind of alien because I don't subscribe to the rules. 

While I take no real satisfaction in the closing of Red Rose Publishing, while I feel no vindication, or anything else for that matter in the company's demise, I have to say this is like the fiftieth of these motherfuckers that has shut down in this way since I've been half-assed paying attention. What in fucking THOR'S name is so damn hard about doing your job and running your company like a human being? I personally think that more money could be made by running the fucking thing RIGHT than WRONG. It almost seems like some of these assholes set these things up in order to break fragile hearts than to actually make money. The company should be named: Let Me Fuck You Over Publishing, instead of whatever the 'boss' chooses to actually call the thing. THIS...

...is if you eliminate the racism.

I'm sure that some money is made off these ... I'm going to call them ... pyramid schemes. A quick buck sucking the blood out of everyone's cock until author's pull those fleshy bits out of the 'boss's' greedy mouth. Or the whole thing shuts down because said cock gobbling bitch won't spare a drop of stray cum for anyone else. Hello? Someone's got to hold all those asses up, whore, so you can get your mouth right, you know? Otherwise, it all comes tumbling down. Common sense. DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....

Nothing's ever done about this either. Everyone just kind of acknowledges that they got ass fucked and moves on to 'hopefully' greener pastures. 


(oh and if i'm wrong and so and so isn't closed cause so and so and whatever. i only pay so much attention -- caught it as a side thing -- and have no fucks to give either way ---)

...speaking of fucks to give...

What a beautiful 
Sexy Night
What a shame if someone
Would try to mess this up right now
Look around
I mean I hear
Everything you're saying
To be honest with you
I don't 
Give a



My mind is a Warrior
My heart is a foreigner
My eyes are the color
of red
like a sun set
I'll never keep it bottled up
Or left to the hands of the coroner
Be a true heart
Not a follower

I see it in your movements 
If we should ever
Do this right
I'm never gonna let 
you down
Oh, I'll never let you down...