Goodbye Boondocks

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I am the stone that the builder refused...

Because I don't pay attention to ... well ... anything, I missed the part where The Boondocks was ... altered. I watched the fourth season but it left me cold. I didn't laugh as much as I used to or think as much as I used to. I turned it off and was pretty ambivalent about it. Funny thing was, I didn't particularly think anything was wrong with it, I just didn't think--NOTICEABLY-- much of it. I pretty much thought that dude had a meh kinda season and hoped for the best later or whatever. 

I found that this was not the case a few minutes ago. The man's show was stolen and squashed just like every other good thing. Aaron McGruder had beautiful characters--those boys were lovely. They had important things to say and they were welcoming and inviting into their world. I loved them. Yes, Riley thought everything was gay, but he was a kid and I forgave him for that little piece of stupidity that I see echoed everywhere anyway. At least he stood for not being a complete moron, a little testament to the stupid way that people can think and a nudge at correcting that line of thinking. Huey was noble as hell and determined and good and a domestic fawkin' terrorist. He made my days better for it. Ten years old and he read books and thought thoughts that didn't have anything to do with drugs, cash and big booty bitches. 

I am sad today, which is why I opened this raggedy ass thing back up and decided to rant upon it for a minute or two. This is the 'lamenting of the women' that Conan the Barbarian was talking about. I feel a great sense of loss. 

I'm pretty late with this but I was bothered by the general consensus when it came to thoughts on why this wonderful show was shut down like it was. A lot of people said that McGruder sold out, and, maybe he did. It's impossible to move in this world without selling out. It's just the way it is. Some of the things that he said make his selling out unlikely to me. He seems more sad than anything from the slight vibe I got out of reading some of his posts when this happened. But it doesn't matter how he feels or what really happened. The fact of the matter is, the marvelous show is gone. What's left of it is a joke just like most of the other stuff that is shoved down our throats through our eye sockets. And nothing will be done about it. 

Creativity squashed and stolen is normal for America. I found this out the very hard way. On a personal level, I don't mind so much. As long as there is an internet, I can write my little psycho pornos and please those that will read them. However, there is a greater, less personal, and more WORLD kind of problem. Beautiful things are killed if the message isn't right. They are altered and changed and they pretend to be decent but they are usually some kind of mockery. Those are the things that are promoted. And when someone comes along that wants to do something beautiful they are forced into a box and killed off or altered in some way so that the beauty that would shine from them is... considerably less.

And no one does a fucking thing about it. CAN'T. And it is kept that way. Carefully maintained like a garden full of poisonous flowers. Every time something beautiful and meaningful grows -- chop it down. So, unlike others, it doesn't matter to me if McGruder sold out of not (doubt it tho). The problem is the insane NEED that exists to destroy every beautiful thing, to cheapen it, and drag it down.

Thank goodness I've learned to go elsewhere to get my entertainment these days. I'm tired of being spoonfed the same ratchet shit over and over and over with a shiny new cover, by untalented puppets feeding off the Satan-I-don't-believe-In's milky STD infected Teat ...

Boondocks ...

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