Cover's big enough now:) *is satisfied*

Currently learning about Robert E. Howard and the Willowbrook State School in NY. Those things don't have anything to do with each other, but they are both equally fascinating.

That is all...


(EDIT: 911/7/2014)While I was enthused about having this novel republished, the cover of the book does not suit its content, and never did. The woman on the cover is pretty, and I do love beautiful things, but she does not reflect the content of the novel in any significant way. The Queen of the Mandrake Fairies is not the main character. My joy in this experience was extremely overblown and an intermingling with relief that the story was out and could be read again. I fear the cover does not represent the actual material at all. 

Still and all, that's a sexy bitch though, right?

And Seduction of the Fae is definitely worth reading despite the publisher's view of what my cover should be like.)


The Queen of the Mandrake Fairies is beautiful. This cover is beautiful.


Seduction of the Fae is out now at Red Rose Publishing

Savage Love is next...

I love this cover absolutely:) It defies my attempts to make it as huge as I want it right now.

I'm happy...I'll get it together soon enough.