Oh my God, Becky...Look at her butt...It's so big...
She must be one of those rap guys girlfriends...etc.


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New Contracts

The Cambion's Kiss -- Liquid Silver Books
White Witch, Black Hearts -- Liquid Silver Books

New Review


Xaiser is sexy. I'm glad someone else sees that:

Thank you, Kerin!

Halen is one of the chosen, abducted in the middle of the night from his home on Earth by an alien race. He’s scared, confused and unsure what’s going to happen to him, but his will is strong. The alien who abducted him though isn’t what he expected and the reason why his body ignites at a simple touch is a mystery.

Xaiser is Crown Prince of the Sylvian Cluster, tasked with the responsibility of finding mates for the thousands of warriors who lost theirs during battle. He never thought that he’d find any human captivating but Halen proves to be a challenge as well as an extreme pleasure.

In the beginning, I wasn't sure how I felt about Chosen simply because it was very different and not exactly what I’d call a love story, but I found myself drawn in quickly and enjoyed it immensely. Xaiser’s arrogance stems from a sense of confidence that I actually found quite sexy and Halen’s internal struggle is well written and his reactions are natural. Raquel Taylor successfully packs a lot of thought-provoking story as well as some sexy-hot scenes into 26 pages and I would love it if this were the beginning of a new series!


The motto of a lot of people:
A lie is just as good as the truth.
The important thing is to just keep on lying until you make your false version of the truth real.
Carry on.





AVAILABLE: JUNE 9, 2007!!!

And now back to our regularly scheduled...

And yes, Mari...extremely gorgeous...program:)

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On May 22, 2007, it was mutually agreed that the contract for Seduction of the Fae is dissolved and that Seduction of the Fae will not be released by Silk's Vault Publishing.

Please be patient while I find that story a new home.


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Featuring Dark Castle Lord:

Romania, 1817

In order to save her brother from the curse of the Moldovan werewolves, Ileana Caragea—shunned and a witch—must call upon Lord Draco Constantinescu, King of the Romanian vampires, and his bevy of vampiric beauties. Draco is irresistibly drawn to the lovely human witch. He agrees to help her, but in return he demands a night of passion. Pleasure and pain intermingle as Ileana surrenders to the domineering seduction of the vampire Lord as he wipes away her loneliness with his hot, all-consuming caresses. Together, this wickedly sensual couple battle overwhelming supernatural odds.

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I've made a few mistakes with release dates and for that I apologize.
Seduction of the Fae is a big "I don't know."
Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight is due to be released in June:)


A wonderful person named Annie from Euro-reviews reviewed Death and the Maiden.

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Death and the Maiden is a most enticing and highly imaginative tale, with some new and very unexpected spins on paranormal elements. In addition, the sensuality is rampant, explicit, and very steamy. Character development is excellent. I give author Raquel Taylor high marks for imaginative gift and writing talent for the excellent Death and the Maiden.


Thank you, Annie:)

Full Review: http://euroreviews.eu.funpic.de/bookdetails.php?book_id=972


What Raquel's been up to:)

Dark Castle Lords has accepted my category novel, Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight! It is a Gothic tale of vampires, witches, werewolves and deep, passionate love. Look for it May 15, 2007.

I must say that I have a deep fascination for the intrigue and drama involved in the historical realm of castles and the people who lived and loved in them. I truly enjoyed writing this story.


Also, Seduction of the Fae, released by Silk's Vault Publishing, is due for release May 4, 2007. These are some very wicked, sensual fairies.


This Cover Is So Beautiful...

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Available March 10
at Silk's Vault Publishing.


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Mari Lacroix
for such a beautiful website and update.


Chosen has been released and is available at Silk's Vault. I'm going to post the cover here again because I love it THAT much:)

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Halen has been chosen. Trapped on an alien ship, a sensual prisoner to a creature whose very touch can elicit yearnings that easily cross the thin sensual border between pleasure and pain, Halen must decide between escape and surrender to the mind shattering desire of his alien lover’s touch.
Also coming from Silk's Vault...
Seduction of the Fae
Death and the Maiden