In a casual perusal of the internet in order to find out if Ellora's Cave had truly closed or not, I found that another one of the bigger publishers was going down the toilet as well. Sort of

I couldn't find Ellora's Cave, but in all truth, I didn't really look all that long. I noticed the death wails of the other company first and veered off in that most interesting direction. Seems like the same kind of shit going on. Samhain not paying authors because the publisher isn't making any money. 

Messy, childish back and forth emails between said publisher and bewildered writers, etc. Threats levied. Lies told. Profits stolen. 

Is it a shame that I think it's all kind of ... funny?

In a dull, repetitive way, of course. 

'Cause 'been there, done that', right?

Thing is, this surely looks like murder to me. The systematic murder of the larger, competitive, e-book publishers. Ellora's Cave made certain claims that I don't exactly disbelieve due to experience. I'm not sure what's going on with Samhain--no experience with them that matters--but it feels very familiar on one level (Imma pay my friends/fuck buddies and steal from the actual talent), and bigger than that on another.

Purposeful. Planned. Executed. 

--Sips tea--

Still funny, tho. 


Do hold your shitty messages. I'm just talking to be talking.