Jupiter Ascending

A genetically engineered werewolf in outer space who happens to secretly be an angel....

Where have I heard that before?

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So much trouble getting this book out. Held up by the company that was supposed to distribute it. And it never did get proper distribution and still doesn't have it. Asked to sign up with a subsidiary of said company so that they would get 60% of the take. Refused and never did make a dime off the thing, and had a couple of friends purchase the book just to see what would happen. Is it me? Or is it all bullshit?

The world, truly, is a ridiculous clown show.

Not accusing any one of anything -- no one comes to this blog anyway, right? Just checking the similarities even though it is well know that there is, of course ...

... nothing new under the sun.



Also, haven't watched the movie ... just seemed so very familiar.

I mean, one doesn't run into genetically engineered supernatural creatures in space very often...

...especially ones who happen to have wings and be angels...

does one?

Bury me mad deep motherfuckers. 


Someone named Lloyd Sheppard is giving Savage Love away for free at this link. Lloyd is, apparently, the author of this book. It has my cover, so it must be real. 

I can not find a single link to any of the other sixteen books I've written, none of the reviews and Savage Love only comes up under my name if you find my blog first. 

I am not real. 

I am disappeared. 

I mean, srsly, what the fuck is this?

Never google your own name. It's terri-fuckin-fying. That said, I did find some old reviews for other things, just all jumbled and out of place and hard to find if you didn't know what you were looking for. Fuck you, Lloyd, whomever you are.

I'd be mad, but really it's all kind of funny in a hideous way. 

Sidenote: I love this stupid song.