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Xaiser is sexy. I'm glad someone else sees that:

Thank you, Kerin!

Halen is one of the chosen, abducted in the middle of the night from his home on Earth by an alien race. He’s scared, confused and unsure what’s going to happen to him, but his will is strong. The alien who abducted him though isn’t what he expected and the reason why his body ignites at a simple touch is a mystery.

Xaiser is Crown Prince of the Sylvian Cluster, tasked with the responsibility of finding mates for the thousands of warriors who lost theirs during battle. He never thought that he’d find any human captivating but Halen proves to be a challenge as well as an extreme pleasure.

In the beginning, I wasn't sure how I felt about Chosen simply because it was very different and not exactly what I’d call a love story, but I found myself drawn in quickly and enjoyed it immensely. Xaiser’s arrogance stems from a sense of confidence that I actually found quite sexy and Halen’s internal struggle is well written and his reactions are natural. Raquel Taylor successfully packs a lot of thought-provoking story as well as some sexy-hot scenes into 26 pages and I would love it if this were the beginning of a new series!