Love Song For A Vampire

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Come into these arms again
And lay your body down
The rhythm of this trembling heart
Is beating like a drum
It beats for you
It bleeds for you
It knows not how it sounds
For it is the drum of drums
It is the song of songs...


Recently, there has been yet another push to end open internet. If this happens, small online business will cease to exist and your IP will be able to regulate what you watch. The internet is one of the last free things available for common people. Meaning, you have to pay for it, yes, but your mind is free as far as the worlds that roam while within it. Greedy, money-grubbing corporations seek to limit those freedoms in favor of a cash jackpot. Our internet is already slower than anybody else's and we pay more for the privilege. 

Be mindful people, that those corporations that we've allowed to become known as people aren't people and everything they do is to make a serf out of you. 

Youtube isn't what it was. The world is becoming smaller and meaner everyday. When was the last time you said something nice to somebody and they didn't try to fuck you for the compliment? 

Keep the internet free so the little people have a chance, it's a small one, but it's a chance, to become something other than corrupt, mindless drones with the morality of alley cats. 

That is all. 


Hunger Strike Against Gay Marriage

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2 Minute Rant

I don't really feel like posting today, however, this douchebag deserves an honorable mention.

In Utah, a Mormon named Trestan Meacham went on a hunger strike in protest of gay marriage. I'm writing about it because it irritates me--the fact that someone would go that far and make a complete ass out of themselves in order to protest someone else's rights. It's probably wrong to say, but I hope he starves himself to death. I would like to hear the joyful news that he has passed on to the great whatever in the sky that he believes in so much.

Vicious, aren't I?

However, what he is doing is vicious. To put so much stock in what other people are doing to the point of harming yourself to stand against it when it isn't hurting anybody is vicious. Protest rape. Protest child abuse. Protest for fucking peace. Protest that shit that happened to the Occupy Wall Street people when the cops were beating their peaceful asses. Protest against things where there are actual victims, there's plenty to choose from. But to protest someone else's willing life choice just makes me want to see you all skeletal with your convictions, clutching the cup of water you allow yourself in a shaking hand trying desperately to move it to your trembling lips and...well, not quite making it as you keel over and gasp your last.

One should not wish for another someone to die, and, I suppose I don't really mean it. My problem with this particular unmitigated bastard is likely the fact that I RP and while RPing I have met some of the most insensitive, mean ass, ignorant, like-this-guy kind of people. I am so sick and tired of those that like to judge. It grates with the seriousness. I suppose some could say that I am judging here--but the truth of the matter is that this is not a judgement. This is a great big old WTF? WHY?

There are so many problems in the world that need fixing. Some people don't have enough food to eat. I repeat, there are children that do not have enough food to eat or clean water. There are people dying because they don't have the simple medicines they need. There was that one guy who grew those huge testicles (don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about) because he couldn't afford the treatment early on that would have prevented that from happening to him and he suffered and suffered and SUFFERED until some kind of mercy finally draped on him and he could get the surgery he needed. And you have motherfuckers like this running around starving themselves for media attention against something that is called Personal Life Choice.

Why is it that some people truly believe that their personal life feelings should impact the lives of other people? Why does what you think have to impact me?

I tie it with racism and all the other fucked up, negative 'isms' that are out there. Because YOU are racist, I must suffer to fall into whatever nasty little bag you want to put me in. I must deny myself life and opportunity so that you can be secure in your beliefs. I must fit your roles--or you'll rally together, starve to death, and make me. Same with being a woman and all the 'isms' that fit there--less pay, less sex, less everything or I'm a foul ass bitch. Slut shaming me all the way to the suicide that that one poor kid suffered when some pedophile got her to send him pics on the net. She killed herself. Nobody cares. And that pedophile is just fine today--no consequences for his actions.

And who recalls that fuckery at Rutgers University where that poor guy had that nightmare of a roommate who send video of him screwing another guy all around the world? He got away with that for the most part, and that poor victim threw himself off some bridge somewhere because he was 'slut shamed' to death.

This kind of behavior is...

...I don't know what to call it, BUT, don't get mad at me because I want Mr. Meacham to die screaming. It's about time that THE BULLIES of the world suffer some losses if you ask me. It's about time that THEY jump off some bridges and slit THEIR wrists in some dark, dank, bathroom.

I'm tired of good people suffering for the bad ones.

Mostly, I'm tired of the rest of us accepting the bad behavior so readily.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

(Edmund Burke)

^^ For Really. 

I'm IN the fight, and while I won't tell you how or why, best believe I'm IN it. And I'm not perfect by a long stretch, I screw up all the time, but I'm in there fighting against the bullies everyday in my own weird little way. 


Read my books n stuff. I suppose I should mention that. And if I have a story you want or have heard about and can't find, ask me for it, if I have it, I'll probably just give it to you. 

I handed out a copy of Savage Love recently, and the people that got it passed it around in the sexiest way possible. Those that have read it look at me funny now. And one lady I've known for a long time--who had no idea that I do this--simply said: "You're...wild." 

...Made me smile all damn day, that. 

I'm not wild though, not in the way that I truly think she means. I am afflicted with truly believing in love. It's a fallacy in my make-up, and, there's a part of me that laments it. Life is easier if you don't believe in it. 

Anyway, let me find you a song so I can say I posted this week and be done with it:

 * A Killer Drowned Update: I'm pretty damn lazy, and no one is reading it anyway, which is too bad, Ben and Jeff fascinate me, and I'd like to know what happens to them. I'm mostly finished with Chapter Two. I got distracted by writing something else. I'll get back to it soon.

* -Pokes- Cyntoia Brown Petition ( a few posts below.)


Pikachus named Frank, Tre Melvin, and Invisible People

This is the prettiest Pikachu I've ever seen. His story pisses me off on many levels. He is Frank Wolf, and, while I don't want to talk about it today, I've been wanting to put this picture up forever.

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Pika Pika!

I live and love on Youtube. I've met some incredible people there. One of them is Tre Melvin. He does a show called This Is A Commentary, and last night he came out as bisexual and he said some of the most honest and beautiful things I've ever heard about himself, other people, and the person that he loved who taught him to love himself. 

This man has those beautiful, soul-snatching, kind of eyes, and while he's talking I doubt you'll be able to look away. It was a brave thing I witnessed last night. And, I think, somewhere, it made me better--just as a whole. 

How can words make you a better person? Bravery can. Beauty can. Hearing someone talk about love the way that he talked about love...can. 

I'm going link to his channel so you can watch his New Years Resolution, and maybe you can catch some of those feeeeeeeels too--just in case you need them as much as I did when I saw it. 

The unwritten rules of the world lay like shackles on the backs of some of the most beautiful people the world has to offer. To think that this person considered, at great lengths, killing himself time and again, and hated himself for being who he was, is worse than disturbing. 

LOOK AT THAT PRETTY PIKACHU when you read this, and try to understand that love is just LOVE. There shouldn't be a bunch of rules on who consenting adults want to love. Such thinking is hurting and killing people. Beautiful people. Brilliant, necessary, minds.

It's like: The world is willing to sacrifice all it's beauty, all it's potential...for bullshit. 

To give away something golden in order to maintain the status quo--even when the statue quo is like a heavy ton of bricks weighing most of us down...



I'm proud of Mr. Melvin. I've been watching him for a long time, and I'm glad he's free. He's also funny as hell and very talented. Watch him: 


Invisible People are making great strides. I might have to take back what I said about Google+.

I don't think people understand how necessary something like socks is to the homeless. It's cold out there on every conceivable level.  The 500,000 pairs donated by Hanes is...most awesome. 

One of the women on the latest video on the Invisible People channel was talking about homeless youth--children and teenagers who have either been abandoned or have run away from one nightmare and into another...   

...Or the story of the father with the shiny rock for his baby's toy instead of a rattle...

I'm done. 

Love is...