Music to write LOVE to...

I'm writing some NaruSasu now. If you don't know what this is, that's fine. Love Like Woe song fits them, I think.

Purrfectly. Of course, I'm going to twist it a thousand different ways, but I wouldn't touch it if it wasn't beautiful.

This kid's cute (his heart is cute, if that makes sense):

Love so strong
Then you moved on
Now I'm hung up in suspense
Because you're bringing me in 
And then you're kicking me out again



 This guy's just sexy, period. Everything that comes out of his mouth is...amazing:

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh
Get undressed
Ta-Taste the flesh
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my flesh

(SAVAGE LOVE has a lot of this one. A LOT. I made capturing this emotion my job in that thing. Sexy man has a drop dead smexy voice.)


So give it to me baby 
Tell me what's it gonna be
Gonna give it to me dirty 
Up where everybody sees

Say you want me
Say you need me
Tear my heart out slow and bleed me

Love is a NEED. You either feel it or you don't. And if you do...Ohhhh, lucky, lucky you:)


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 photo fdae5a73-7d79-47e2-b48b-de9c6dd6dd61_zpsfe25b68e.jpg

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex.

Welcome to the world of Nyw’Gaia where genetically engineered werewolves and vampires have battled for centuries. They fight to the death. They, most certainly, do not fall in love

An illegally made vampire in his father’s Nosferatu army, Prince Skyy Hi’daat leaves the city of Nocturne for the lush alien domain beyond.  He finds this world filled with exotic inhabitants who would just as readily kill him as look at him. He is unprepared for the desire he feels in facing the werewolf that is supposed to be his natural enemy. Ravished and then rescued, his vengeance knows no bounds for the creature that dared put his filthy paws upon him.

Cathedron is the city of Arachnae’s greatest champion. On a deadly stealth mission to infiltrate Nocturne and discover the source of the infection that is eating the world, he finds he cannot help but hunt Nocturne’s gorgeous dark prince. Skyy’s scent ignites his desires in a way that is strictly criminal. Remembrances of Skyy’s body fires his blood against every law, against his own common sense. The wolf is determined to have the vampire again and make Skyy his forever.

Against the heat of the passion that threatens to consume them both, Nyw’Gaia is dying. An ancient darkness is infecting the denizens of the world and killing everything in its path. Their love is forbidden, but only their love can save Nyw’Gaia now.