Duck Dynasty

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Are you fucking kidding me, you asshole?

The sheer stupidity of my fellow humans never fails to astound me. We have that greedy, low, cockroach kind of thing going on and we're not giving it up for shit. The wolves take and the opinionated sheep baaa about it, and that's all there is. That's us.

I took one look at the Duck Dynasty dudes, in passing, and knew exactly what I was looking at. I never watched the show, and never will. But I was far from shocked when I heard that the Duck Dynasty Daddy was a racist, homophobic moron. Of course he is. Look. At. Him.

Now, one should never judge a book by its cover. Some of the nicest people on earth are raggedy, hillbilly looking folks. However, if you are a multi-billionaire, and you don the garb of a raggedy, hillbilly looking folk, then you have an unmistakable message that you're trying to put out. [He's being insulting to them too, honestly.]

The family that stars in the Duck Dynasty is rich as hell. They go around looking like that for the television show only. There are pictures of them floating around everywhere where they look like typical yuppie Americana--the kind of people that dine on caviar and wipe their asses with hundred dollar bills. The kind of people that ordinary people "Normies" work for.

I have a friend who supports this fucker, and that person and I almost got into a vicious argument about his 'right to say whatever he wants and believe whatever he wants to believe'. I let the argument go, because it isn't all that important to me as something to fight about. However, this man doesn't believe a damn thing he says about gays or blacks or any other controversial issue that might come spewing out of his mouth. What he cares about is money. Controversy brings money, no matter who it may hurt.

So, gay and bestiality become the same thing for the controversy that it will stir up.

And black people loved slavery for the controversy it will stir up.

Spirituality and the Bible have nothing to do with it. MONEY is GOD to this person. And he'll play you like a piano in order to get more of it. He'll run hot fingers all over your emotional keys in order to keep the fight up, the debate going, and his pockets fat.

The Duck Dynasty will, likely, gain even more viewers from this, and the television channel will, no doubt, allow this person back on the show. This is how it works in America. Kick the underdog, the thing that everyone loves to judge and hate (black, gay, whatever) and get a rise in indignation from the righteous masses that will turn  into more views for whatever it is that you're currently pimping.

It's so "Same Shit, Different Day" it's not even funny.


We're smarter than this, aren't we?

...less predictably hate-filled than this?

...BETTER than this?

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Daryl, my love. Kick. His. Poser. Ass. 


Review: Lover's Anonymous by Xavier Pierre Jr.

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Meet Xavier...

 Xavier is both cold and callous. He treats women poorly, and in searching his character for a reason why, there seems to be no answer. He is on an endless hunt. He is a romanticized panther that is always hungry and always in search of more prey. Xavier meets a string of women during the course of the tale. He is calculating about his engagements with each one. The illusion to the hunting beast is not overemphasized in the way he went about obtaining, undressing, and conquering these women. 

It is a mesmerizing thing, ladies, to watch. 

Xavier is rich, pampered, and lives in the exotic land of Haiti. There is both great wealth and great poverty living hand in hand in this place and you can feel it. Xavier meets different kinds of women, from the wealthy to the poverty stricken. He treats them all the same--as something to catch and devour. And, honestly, there's no reasoning behind it. It seemed to me that there was merely, somewhere within him, the need to do this. Sometimes, he felt guilt about it, depending on who the woman was, but, mostly, I just saw the compulsive need to conquer there, as strong as his alcohol addiction. 

This book will make you flinch. This book will make you mad. And, if you're honest with yourself, you may see yourself in some of these women. 

I appreciate the honesty in the tale, and l liked Xavier--but I'm weird, and I would. I wanted to see him happy in the end. 

You might want to kill him. 

But you should definitely meet him. He has things to teach you about how some men think. And about desperation and redemption. 


And the song of the day is:

I really have been good, you fat bastard... santa hat photo: StriferZer0 Signature Santa Hat 2helykm.png
 Merry Christmas and shit:) 
Sign the petition to free Cyntoia Brown. 


Ethan Couch vs Cyntoia Brown

I used to have these terrible battles on Youtube. I can't do that anymore because, while Google owns me, Google+ does not. It's personal like that. Therefore, you might hear anything from me here. In this case, recently, I learned a new word. 

We all did.

If I get something wrong. If my facts are absolutely correct, please bear in mind that I am used to some noble Youtuber correcting me. You may correct me if you wish.

Affluenza: a disease that the wealthy get that allows them to get away with murder.

Ethan Couch killed a bunch of people and is going off to play with horses as punishment. His affluenza was so great he had no respect for the lives of lesser human beings and no knowledge that there could be consequences for his actions. He really believes that he can do whatever he wants, and the justice system is telling him that what he believes is absolutely true.

I could rant and rant forever about how wrong this is. The thing is everyone already knows it's wrong, so what's the point of attempting to take it apart and show that obvious wrongness? I only mention it because affluenza is a cool new (slightly hilarious in the worst kind of way) word and I love words. In adding it to my mental dictionary, I had to suffer the taint of its inclusion. It came with a rolling level of nausea. It made my stomach churn and my head ache. But I had to include it because it is now a real word. The spell checker is not quite catching it yet...but it will.

If a poor/middle class kid had killed all those people, he'd be under the jail now. He'd starve to death in the darkness of human disgust with the rats and the cockroaches that inhabit the shadows of such places. He would have been tried as a person who had murdered innocent people because he couldn't possibly have affluenza. He wasn't given everything to the point where it could be claimed that he didn't know the difference between right and wrong. He would be held accountable for the death and the destruction he had caused--and for the pain and suffering of the families he hurt so very badly.

Normal people, "Normies", I'll call them, don't get to make these kinds of 'mistakes'. No one feels sorry for poor Normies when they commit murder, even when they were abused all their lives, even when they've never known human kindness or compassion. The hardest life of a Normie is ignored when they recklessly or purposely slaughter other human beings.

I'm not saying this kid did this on purpose. I think what I'm saying is that I resent the fact that I've been forced to see him as a human being instead of a monster. ..

What makes one monster different from the other? Is it Ethan's youth which was played upon so heavily during the trial? No, they're locking kids up every day for lesser crimes. The same judge on this case locked a younger kid up for killing a person in a fight. So, it couldn't be youth...

Affluenza. Affluenza. Affluenza. Affluenza.

Word has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

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Sixteen year old, Cyntoia Brown did not have the luxury of having Affluenza. She is one of those people with those terrible childhoods I was talking about earlier. She was abandoned by crack addicted (I believe that was the drug) mother at an early age. There is a history of mental illness and drug abuse in her family. She did not 'trust' her adopted mother in her early years, and there was all kinds of sexual abuse, including some dude who turned her, at sixteen, into a prostitute. For fear of being beaten, Cyntoia went out to turn tricks and ran into a man who was forty-three years old. He took her home with him. And, she killed him. The man died because the child was afraid. There is strong evidence to support self defense in this case. She made no effort to cover it up. She stated quite plainly what she did and why.

This beautiful child was given life in prison. Her abandonment, the faults of her parents, the years of sexual abuse, none of it mattered when that life sentence was handed down by the court.

I'm not going to bitch and moan about the state of the world. Again Pointless. And besides, I learned from a kind man on Twitter, that you'll never see rainbows if you're always looking down. I want the rainbow here. What I am going to ask for is this:

There is a petition to grant Cyntoia Brown a little Affluenza. There aren't a lot more signatures necessary to grant this now young woman a chance. Learn a little something about her. Learn as much as you had to learn about Ethan Couch...

...and then sign it if she captures your heart. Please.

She takes college level courses, and she writes beautifully...

Cyntoia's Documentary

The Petition



The Killer, Drowned

I'm working on Chapter 2 of  The Killer Drowned.

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When I write for self...It's weird as hell:)


The Invisible People

When I first began writing, I put on this blog, somewhere, that I felt invisible. I produced work after work, and, yet, I never got the interviews or won the little awards that I saw other writers attaining. The companies that I worked for called me "Unestablished". I was an unestablished author, and when it was happening, I really wondered what that meant, exactly. There is nothing in all the world like being on the outside looking in. I could always work for the smaller online companies. The pay was zilch. It felt like the writing world was going on all around me, but I had been placed in this special bubble. No one could see me. No reader* ever spoke to me about something that I'd written. But the companies I worked for wanted book after book from me. It was a very strange way of being, and, only now, have I come to understand it for what it was and is. For a strange little person like myself making the difference will be difficult. Past experience in the field, and even recent ones, cloud my judgement. I don't trust anyone, and that lack of trust keeps me from putting out the many books that I have written and from writing the many more that I could write. 

But this is not what I have come to talk about today. I want to talk about other Invisible People. I was watching something about them, and it caused my mind to go this way. I have a review to write and an incredible author to herald, but I'm not in the mood right now. I will do it soon, because that person deserves it. 

I have invisibility on the brain right now. 

There is a man named Mark Horvath who gives voices to the invisible people of the world. He travels all over talking to homeless people so that we can hear their stories. There is nothing more cruel in society than the way that homeless people are treated. Listening to their stories is like a nightmare. The first thing that is shocking is the viciousness of other people, the greed, and the lust. I am American, or at least that's what is says on my birth certificate, and what I want to know when I watch these terrible stories is this: Have we become meaner? Have the myriad-colored streaks of cruelty and envy and lust in us gone so far, and become so deeply entwined within, that there's no going back?

There are rich people going to luxury resorts that are built like shanty towns. I don't think I've ever heard anything more disgusting in my life. It reminded me, historically speaking, of the times when people were throwing other 'lesser' people to lions for sport. Maybe this is the first stage of that. First, you live in a properly heated, internet ready, facsimile of absolute misery, and when you're having that experience, you want a little more and a little more--until you're bringing in the lions and going on jaunts to test their jaws with your hands in order to see what being eaten by one must feel like for the poor bastard you've thrown in the pit and bet a thousand dollars won't last five minutes...

History truly does repeat itself--over and over again. We gain incredible new technologies and use them to play Angry Birds, we can fly to the stars but would rather fight among one another, and we hate. We hate any difference we can lock on and judge as 'other' than ourselves. Less.

In this world today becoming homeless is a real threat for almost everybody, and, yet, no one see themselves wearing those raggedy shoes. There are people out there, and a lot of people too, who not only step over the homeless in the street, but who beat them and set them on fire. I have nothing, but I give when I can, and, sometimes, I give when I can't and know that I shouldn't. I don't understand how anybody can do anything else. Maybe it's because I had a very personal relationship with a homeless person that was vital to my life. In fact, I would not have had a life at all if not for this formerly homeless person. 

I know that this person was abandoned at fourteen years old and kicked out onto the streets. I know that this person turned to alcohol to ease the pain of that abandonment. I know that person slept on park benches in subzero weather. I know that this person ate out of garbage cans to survive. And I know that this person was not a bad person in terms of just being a human being. I've met much worse people--a hundred thousand times worse--while simply trying to maneuver my way through this writing shit. And those people have cars and money, and are just terrible human beings prone to using people in all sorts of ways for little more than sport. 

We can not keep going on this way. We are turning into something ugly and inhuman. Love isn't as hard as it looks. We have the technology to feed every starving person on the planet. We have the ability within us to take away both the disgusting 'luxury' shanty town and the real ones. I've been told that, despite the fact that I write the kinky naughty love thing, I think like a child. I understand that the way that I think is truly detrimental to my survival in this real ass world. 

But then I meet Yong, and people like her through this video connection with the Invisible People, and I don't want to think the other way. This woman worked all her life and got screwed over by her insurance company. She ended up homeless in a way that could happen to almost anyone. What's wrong with her? How is she a bad person because she is lost?

Mark Horvath belongs to a church, and while I don't much care for the trappings of religion, I admire both the fact that he was able to pull himself out of the depths of homelessness and drug abuse AND the fact that he does what he does today--give voices to the homeless. If you take the time to listen to Yong's story, and you read the comments on her video and some of the others, you will see why I despair. It's hard to love in this world. It's so much easier to hate. Believe me, I know. 

...But it's not impossible. 

Mr. Horvath isn't asking for anything. So, it doesn't cost you a damn thing to look. And guess what, a little 'give a fuck' is absolutely free. 

If we don't start working together, we are going to kill one another like that evil mastermind in every really good story--the one who is so selfish, and so "brilliant" that he wants to destroy the whole of the world...

...and then what's he going to do?

* Edited to include that this is not true for stories I do under a couple different handles, which are legion:)


Walmart and the Screams of the Hopeless

"Don't bury me, I'm not dead,"
--The Serpent and the Rainbow

I've been busy watching what's going on, or rather, not going on with my latest contribution to the fiction world. I've been watching it in much the same fashion as a spectator watches a train wreck with all the carnage that watching such a thing entails. I feel as insignificant as I am supposed to feel, and, for awhile, I felt the desperation that comes with that carefully engineered insignificance.

I'm hurting, dawg, just the way I'm supposed to. Congratulations to those who are working overtime to see that the pain stays. You've done a wonderful job, and I tip my hat to your efforts. For me, that book is a message about what love is. It's a worthwhile message and one that needs to be heard. It is my sincere hope that someone who needs to hear it, hears it, despite what's going on with me.


The world is like Walmart. Walmart employs thousands upon thousands of people. Walmart is a multi-billion dollar corporation. The workers are like zombies. They are used to make the machine that is Walmart work. They are wage slaves--working eight hour days plus and making minimum pay. Walmart is a prime example of how the rich get richer and the poor just keep getting poorer.

The poor are taught to work hard, and be proud of very little. They are taught to take pride in what a rich man would kill himself for. When the stock market crashed during the Depression, people with wealth jumped out of skyscraper windows at the prospect of being reduced to poverty. Yet, the poor are taught that working their fingers to the bone has some merit in it. It'd be funny if it wasn't so disgustingly sad.

Recently, a Walmart was caught running a food drive for its workers for Thanksgiving. Customers were asked to put a little something in the charity box for people who work hard every day. I've read different perspectives as to what my fellow human beings thought of this act of 'charity'. Most said, that it was not up to the company to provide better for its workers. This is a capitalist society, and the company is supposed to spend as little as possible in order to make the most profit. There are the few that rage against the machine and this line of thinking, but for the most part, the capitalist answer is the one that stands.

In America, everyone dreams of being rich someday, even the poorest of the poor. We are completely individualized. "I" and "me" rule us. The capitalist answer to the question of why Walmart is allowed to treat its workers so poorly is a simple one for "I" and "me". One day, if "I" work hard enough, "I" will benefit from what Walmart is benefiting from now. One day "I" will be a superior being, and the masses will tremble before "me".

It's a sad and sorry state of affairs, really. Rich vs. Poor. White vs. Black. Straight vs. Gay. Walmart vs. Humanity.

Humanity is losing in favor of the big payout in the end that's only going to happen for a very few people in reality. Those few will be the tyrannical overlords who control all the rest. And everyone is hoping, working, sweating for a tyrannic overlord button.  Soooo... "fuck the Walmart workers, they should get better jobs with their broke asses".


Every once in a great while, among the bullshit that gets published, I find a book worthy of reviewing. I've found such a book. If the author allows it, I'll review it here next time I post.

And the Song of the Day is:

Queen's, Somebody to Love



I am almost done with the first chapter of Jeff the Killer X Ben Drowned. It has a working title, but I might change it during the course of the day, so I'll refrain from giving it now.

I will never be able to express how much I love fanfiction. It is the most anti-Industry thing I have found. There is freedom in it, and while the gain is most certainly not monetary, there is equal value in being recognized by the people that read you and being loved by them. Their reviews are from the heart, and, even if they don't like something--that's from the heart too. I've gotten offers for all kinds of crazy smex in my fanfiction accounts. While all of that is something that doesn't really interest me, there's something truly wonderful in those offers as well.

 photo 92e83425-b470-4ce1-9ab6-94d404701dc7_zps92e08e24.jpg

In all honestly, I think that fantiction saved my life, and preserved what little is left of my sanity. It allowed me to create and the connect with readers on a level I've never been able to connect while doing...this. When I first went into it, it was because of a picture of a beautiful man who I did not recognize. There was a call to play that man and I was told that the picture was Gackt, and Gackt needed to be a vampire. The character was hard to play correctly and had a whole bunch of traits that needed to be adhered to in order to successfully represent him. 

It was a challenge I couldn't pass up, and one I was very good at. Gackt the Vampire liked beautiful men:) I rose to that challenge, met it, and conquered it. After that, I started listening to the people around me and how they wanted this story and that story and missed this character or that character wasn't represented well, and a fanfiction writer was born. I couldn't pass up that kind of needy lust. I became whomever they needed me to become. 


I read something recently that some very thoughtful authors put up on Twitter about self-publishing and how truly hard it is. There was a list of qualifications as to whether you'd be a good self-publisher or not. I doubt they'll ever see this, or know that I feel this way, but I appreciated the posts. It, at least, showed me that bitching and crying was pointless, and that I am not as alone as I think I am. 

I never thought self publishing was going to be easier. It was an act of sheer desperation on my part. I don't really have the money, and I most certainly have the feeling that I am wasting my life attempting to be something that is truly beyond me--like stars or something. And, yet, I did feel it was my responsibility to put that book out there. And it is my responsibility to put the others I have in line out as well. There isn't enough love in this world. It's that fucking simple. 

Then again, I've been told that my stories were porn. Soooo...my concept of love might be a little fucked



Messing with Jeff and Ben requires intimate knowledge of not one main character but two--who happen to be all kinds of crazy. The good thing is, thus far, they are getting along, and are rather mesmerized by one another. That's ... sexy


Btw, WTF Youtube? Don't you know I like to berate people in my account and ghost champion my various causes? You think I want to put my legit name on all that abuse? <.<


Introverts and Extroverts

I came across some interesting thoughts on the difference between introverts and extroverts. I've always felt these things, but it was good to see it displayed for the entire world. As an introverted person, I have a severe disability in dealing with people that I don't trust totally. I think too much. I ponder questions that others give answers to easily, and the world, as it is, doesn't make sense to me. This has always been the case and this is why I create worlds.

Racism doesn't make sense to me except on an economic level which allows one group to have more and do more than the other by right of birth. For economic reasons, racism makes a certain malevolent, self-serving, kind of sense. Being against homosexuality, doesn't make sense to me. I can find no legitimate reason for knocking the ability of one person to love another consenting adult if they chose to. Sexism doesn't make sense either, but on the other side of that feminism has risen to something that is borderline insane. Shunning the homeless and treating them like...less. Not feeding starving people because they're "lazy". Not educating the poor in the hopes of creating a better world for all. Etc., Etc., Etc.

I've turned these things inside out and sideways, and have come to the conclusion that I do not have to take any of these thing personally simply because they are outside of my own general makeup. These things exist outside of me, and I am content to leave them there.

I have people in my life who subscribe to all these common 'hatreds'. I have never and will never understand them in a way that goes beyond anything but speculation as to the source of why people feel this way. Some people say, for example, that racism is instinctual, because of the difference in look. I call bullshit on that one. I don't know the "real" answer, but I'm fairly certain that's not it. I'm leaning toward the economic division as the most true. In order for some people to be on top some people have to be on the bottom, and they must be made to understand that their place is the bottom and to be relatively content down there. Racism.

I found this news article on the blog of a man who has a bunch of degrees, writes beautifully, and with a style that immediately commands attention---and lives in a homeless shelter, happy to get a coat for the harsh weather. I found him utterly fascinating and read his entire blog in one day. I think like that person. The sad thing is, this is not the way to think if you want to make it in this world. I see visions of homeless shelters in my future. Emotional homeless shelters, definitely. Physical ones are extremely likely. It's like living in Bizarro World, people. For me, it's opposite day all the time.

When I chose to write my own book, when that book was the thing I wanted to write and not what someone was telling me to write or what someone else thought I should be writing, you can easily see what I chose to put out on my own.

The longer I'm at it, though, the more I realize that I wrote that one for me. And I am in it. While I struggle around and fight the system for a place for my true voice to be heard, I am no longer shocked by the cruel reaction I get. You're either part of the system or you're not, and if you're not part of the system, you are rather reviled. By everyone. So be it.

I've had my money taken. I've been kicked off lists I've earned the right to be on. I've had shitty reviews written with malice of intent for beautiful books and I don't really exist...

...I am a compilation of accepted writers writing under a pseudonym...

...I'm stuck up and "uppity" and don't know my place...

...I'm confusing except when I'm writing for someone else and they're getting paid off my dreams...

...I am...

....whatever you say...

...I am...

...If I wasn't, then why would you say I am?

That said, here's the video on Introverts vs. Extroverts. It's worth watching:

Also, I'm writing some Jeff the Killer X Ben Drowned for NaNo (maybe for NaNo). I'm looking forward to all the sex and text murder. This replaces the Dracula story for something I'm doing on the side. If you look for it, you'll be able to find it in a couple of days.


Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!!!!

From Jeff the Killer and Ben Drowned:



Ignore this post, please.

Link's not for your clicking. <.<

Thank you:)



Count Dracula

 photo Dracula_zps6f9344c4.jpg

I believe I mentioned somewhere along the tour that Dracula was my favorite vampire of all time. Though a vicious predator, the Count is beautiful to me. He is the most beautiful in the form above simply because this is the way I first saw him. 

As terrifying as he was, I fell in love with him instantly. As I have gotten older, I learned that my love stemmed from this creature's basic honesty. He was in love. His love was denied him. He wanted to tear down the world in revenge for that. 

He uses humanity's basic nature against them in order to get what he wants. He plays with lust like it's a game he knows very well reducing people to their most basic animal without pretense. He cuts through all bullshit and he gets those panties off--every time

Count Dracula is the least full-of-shit person I know (as well as you can know a fictional character anyway). He's not a rapist. He does not use force. He is seduction personified. I've studied Vlad Tepes with a passion, and somewhere on my computer is a huge ass story about him/Dracula. It's not erotic, though it does have elements. Mostly, it's just...weird. 

I'm considering giving it away for free in chapters, since, ultimately, that's what I do anyway. Write for free. 

$0.00, Babeh.

Definitely a labor of love.

It's just so odd, I have to wonder if people will read it. It's already written (questionably), so posting a chapter once a week wouldn't be too much for me to handle without an editor and all that--and I have a domain name for it. And, at least you'll get to go some place truly strange.

We'll see...for that particular story.


I think that's all my silent, slightly nefarious, little stalkers...

...Except the song of the day...

...Dedicated to my vampire...

Darling I'm Lost
Adrift in the dark
Clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more
So let in the light
Turn me to dust
If it don't end in bloodshed dear
It's probably not Love...


I'm too busy for this, but the thoughts couldn't be helped.

Why Be A King When You Can Be A God?

Eminem has always been one of my favorite rappers. I do not agree with the statement that he is the best rapper ever. I do think that he is one of the best rappers ever though. I like all kinds of music. Rap ranks as something that I enjoy listening to as long as its not the irresponsible kind. Irresponsible rap music is the kind of rap music that tells the people listening to you to do the things you would never really do yourself considering how much money you have and the big glass palace that you live in and would do anything not to lose. I also do not like rap music that has a grotesque disrespect for women. But these are all my things and to each his own and all that. Music is an expression, and one should be able to express how one feels, and far be it from me to judge anyone's expressions. My biggest personal battle is to be able to express myself in the way that I feel and not the way other people think that I should feel based on some labels the world has saddled me with. 

However, I must take notice of the irresponsible people. Being a star and promoting things that bring about hatred in this world is an irresponsible act--especially for a 'god'. 

Little gay looking boy
So gay I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy
You witnessing a massacre
Like you watching a church gathering taking place looking boy

These words are grotesquely irresponsible. I'm not even sure what they mean, but I do know how they feel. Little gay looking boys are killing themselves everyday for words and emotions like this. And nobody cares. We say they were weak and wrong and look the other way. There is certainly no responsibility on our part to see that things like this don't happen--that people don't die for nothing. And that's what it is. Nothing. The disapproval of those that don't know you about something that they don't want even attempt to understand. It's sad all around, honestly, but its even sadder when a 'god' does it.

I'll still be able to break a motherfuckin' table
Over the backs of a couple of faggots and crack it in half

I'm hearing that in this particular lyric, the word 'faggot' was not used in the way people think but in some other general way that is far more acceptable. My answer: use another word. When people are running around killing other people people because of who or what they are, the responsible thing to do here would have been to simply use another word. It is what a god would do, because a god would understand that they have some responsibility and some accountability for the for the things they say when those things are listened to by millions upon millions of 'worshippers'. 

People have slaughtered in the name of their religion, and, if you're going to set yourself up as something otherworldly, like a god, then you have to know that your words have an affect upon your devotees. 


Once upon a time, a little girl got a twitter account and in that twitter account she had the picture that labels a book she wrote. She went around clicking on the profiles of the people she admired and one of those profiles was Eminem's because he was a struggle in and off himself and he made it and she was glad. The twitter account obviously had automatic friend back (or whatever the hell you call it...I'm, quite honestly, twitter-tarded) and she was so surprised and happy that she got any kind of response from this person. 

The next day, the account had unsubscribed, and she wondered about that. It couldn't have been personal. she did not know this most awesome of human beings, therefore, why?

At the time, she did not consider the little picture that represented her to the twitter world--one man wrapped in the arms of another man--two people in love. 


Think what you will. Believe as you choose. But if you're going to take on the heavy mantle of being a god, you should try and be a responsible one. 

Forgot my damn song. My friend gave me this. Love her.


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Vanessa Williams

...the rainstorm and the river are my brothers
the herring and the otter are my friends
and we are all connect to each other
in a circle
in a hoop
that never ends...


Soon to be released from Rogue Publishing:

Yeah, it's like that:)

Soldier of Love


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October 10 Review
Howling Books and Design

October 11 Spotlight
Pure Textuality

I've have sincerely appreciated every stop along this tour thus far, and would like to thank everyone that hosted me on their wonderful blogs. I thank you for the time it took to include me. I will extend individual, personal thanks to each one of these marvelous people at the end of the tour. I think I mentioned somewhere along the way that I'm not all that good at social things. But, thank you for your gracious time and effort, while a social thing, is more important than my little quirks. 

Pronouncing Cathedron -silver-haired piece of man-sex in the beautifully-made-by-Bewitching-Book-Tours button above - Hmmn, think Cathedral, Ca-thee-dron.

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Currently Reading: Passion by Shinobu Gotoh and Shoko Takaku
Currently Playing: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD (because I have a dorkus video game addiction)
Currently Working On: Soldier of Love, which is mostly done and just being nitpicked to death.
Currently side-writing/roleplaying: ThunderFrost! Thor is so mad at his brother right now.
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Don't forget the vampire contest mentioned below. The prize is a twenty-five dollar gift card and a place of honor at the Rogue Publishing website.

Show me your vampire and I'll show you mine. Who knows? They might really like one another.


The Sexiness that is Bunny Cat

Additional Tour Stops

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October 9 Interview
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My gift today is the story of a love that isn't supposed to happen, but does...

I think it's pretty understood that I don't claim any of the videos I post as my own and I never would. I post the things I like in the hopes that someone will see them or listen to them and go pay homage to that artist that created them through the clickable link available.

Give these people some love if you enjoy them and have the time.


First Blog Tour, A Beautiful Short Film I found to Share, and a Vampire Contest

I have become a:

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I have to say that it's an honor. There is nothing better than professionalism and kindness when you don't know what you're doing, Bewitching Book Tours provided both. Although I have written several books, I haven't done much touring and the like. I was lucky to find these people....Lucky to find Roxanne Rhoads. I truly appreciate both her effort and her patience.  That said:

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(Pretty banner is Pretty)

 My first stop on the tour will be October 7, 2013 at the blog of A.C. James.

I'll post the whole tour later. This is going to be a long kind of post though. Well, long for me...


Once upon a time...



 Vampire Contest 

 There is a horde of vampires out there in literary fiction, television and movies. I'm looking for your favorite and why. The why is the most important part. What makes your chosen vampire stand out above all others? The winner of this contest will be chosen for sheer eloquence and lustful description at the end of the book tour. The prize is a twenty-five dollar Amazon gift card so that person can buy more vampires (or whatever else they choose). The winner entry will go up at Rogue PublishingSomewhere. Visible. And honored.

What few rules there are:

1. Entry needs to be less than 300 hundred words. It can be two words. "He's hot!" Probably won't win that way though. 
2. Include something I wrote along my tour--not in your entry, but somewhere in the comment--just so I know you were paying attention.
3. Post entry to Comment at Contact
4. I'll tell all who is my personal favorite and why
5. If you write poetry, then I love you.


Music to write LOVE to...

I'm writing some NaruSasu now. If you don't know what this is, that's fine. Love Like Woe song fits them, I think.

Purrfectly. Of course, I'm going to twist it a thousand different ways, but I wouldn't touch it if it wasn't beautiful.

This kid's cute (his heart is cute, if that makes sense):

Love so strong
Then you moved on
Now I'm hung up in suspense
Because you're bringing me in 
And then you're kicking me out again



 This guy's just sexy, period. Everything that comes out of his mouth is...amazing:

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh
Get undressed
Ta-Taste the flesh
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my flesh

(SAVAGE LOVE has a lot of this one. A LOT. I made capturing this emotion my job in that thing. Sexy man has a drop dead smexy voice.)


So give it to me baby 
Tell me what's it gonna be
Gonna give it to me dirty 
Up where everybody sees

Say you want me
Say you need me
Tear my heart out slow and bleed me

Love is a NEED. You either feel it or you don't. And if you do...Ohhhh, lucky, lucky you:)


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Warning: This novel contains explicit sex.

Welcome to the world of Nyw’Gaia where genetically engineered werewolves and vampires have battled for centuries. They fight to the death. They, most certainly, do not fall in love

An illegally made vampire in his father’s Nosferatu army, Prince Skyy Hi’daat leaves the city of Nocturne for the lush alien domain beyond.  He finds this world filled with exotic inhabitants who would just as readily kill him as look at him. He is unprepared for the desire he feels in facing the werewolf that is supposed to be his natural enemy. Ravished and then rescued, his vengeance knows no bounds for the creature that dared put his filthy paws upon him.

Cathedron is the city of Arachnae’s greatest champion. On a deadly stealth mission to infiltrate Nocturne and discover the source of the infection that is eating the world, he finds he cannot help but hunt Nocturne’s gorgeous dark prince. Skyy’s scent ignites his desires in a way that is strictly criminal. Remembrances of Skyy’s body fires his blood against every law, against his own common sense. The wolf is determined to have the vampire again and make Skyy his forever.

Against the heat of the passion that threatens to consume them both, Nyw’Gaia is dying. An ancient darkness is infecting the denizens of the world and killing everything in its path. Their love is forbidden, but only their love can save Nyw’Gaia now.