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Count Dracula

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I believe I mentioned somewhere along the tour that Dracula was my favorite vampire of all time. Though a vicious predator, the Count is beautiful to me. He is the most beautiful in the form above simply because this is the way I first saw him. 

As terrifying as he was, I fell in love with him instantly. As I have gotten older, I learned that my love stemmed from this creature's basic honesty. He was in love. His love was denied him. He wanted to tear down the world in revenge for that. 

He uses humanity's basic nature against them in order to get what he wants. He plays with lust like it's a game he knows very well reducing people to their most basic animal without pretense. He cuts through all bullshit and he gets those panties off--every time

Count Dracula is the least full-of-shit person I know (as well as you can know a fictional character anyway). He's not a rapist. He does not use force. He is seduction personified. I've studied Vlad Tepes with a passion, and somewhere on my computer is a huge ass story about him/Dracula. It's not erotic, though it does have elements. Mostly, it's just...weird. 

I'm considering giving it away for free in chapters, since, ultimately, that's what I do anyway. Write for free. 

$0.00, Babeh.

Definitely a labor of love.

It's just so odd, I have to wonder if people will read it. It's already written (questionably), so posting a chapter once a week wouldn't be too much for me to handle without an editor and all that--and I have a domain name for it. And, at least you'll get to go some place truly strange.

We'll see...for that particular story.


I think that's all my silent, slightly nefarious, little stalkers...

...Except the song of the day...

...Dedicated to my vampire...

Darling I'm Lost
Adrift in the dark
Clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more
So let in the light
Turn me to dust
If it don't end in bloodshed dear
It's probably not Love...


I'm too busy for this, but the thoughts couldn't be helped.

Why Be A King When You Can Be A God?

Eminem has always been one of my favorite rappers. I do not agree with the statement that he is the best rapper ever. I do think that he is one of the best rappers ever though. I like all kinds of music. Rap ranks as something that I enjoy listening to as long as its not the irresponsible kind. Irresponsible rap music is the kind of rap music that tells the people listening to you to do the things you would never really do yourself considering how much money you have and the big glass palace that you live in and would do anything not to lose. I also do not like rap music that has a grotesque disrespect for women. But these are all my things and to each his own and all that. Music is an expression, and one should be able to express how one feels, and far be it from me to judge anyone's expressions. My biggest personal battle is to be able to express myself in the way that I feel and not the way other people think that I should feel based on some labels the world has saddled me with. 

However, I must take notice of the irresponsible people. Being a star and promoting things that bring about hatred in this world is an irresponsible act--especially for a 'god'. 

Little gay looking boy
So gay I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy
You witnessing a massacre
Like you watching a church gathering taking place looking boy

These words are grotesquely irresponsible. I'm not even sure what they mean, but I do know how they feel. Little gay looking boys are killing themselves everyday for words and emotions like this. And nobody cares. We say they were weak and wrong and look the other way. There is certainly no responsibility on our part to see that things like this don't happen--that people don't die for nothing. And that's what it is. Nothing. The disapproval of those that don't know you about something that they don't want even attempt to understand. It's sad all around, honestly, but its even sadder when a 'god' does it.

I'll still be able to break a motherfuckin' table
Over the backs of a couple of faggots and crack it in half

I'm hearing that in this particular lyric, the word 'faggot' was not used in the way people think but in some other general way that is far more acceptable. My answer: use another word. When people are running around killing other people people because of who or what they are, the responsible thing to do here would have been to simply use another word. It is what a god would do, because a god would understand that they have some responsibility and some accountability for the for the things they say when those things are listened to by millions upon millions of 'worshippers'. 

People have slaughtered in the name of their religion, and, if you're going to set yourself up as something otherworldly, like a god, then you have to know that your words have an affect upon your devotees. 


Once upon a time, a little girl got a twitter account and in that twitter account she had the picture that labels a book she wrote. She went around clicking on the profiles of the people she admired and one of those profiles was Eminem's because he was a struggle in and off himself and he made it and she was glad. The twitter account obviously had automatic friend back (or whatever the hell you call it...I'm, quite honestly, twitter-tarded) and she was so surprised and happy that she got any kind of response from this person. 

The next day, the account had unsubscribed, and she wondered about that. It couldn't have been personal. she did not know this most awesome of human beings, therefore, why?

At the time, she did not consider the little picture that represented her to the twitter world--one man wrapped in the arms of another man--two people in love. 


Think what you will. Believe as you choose. But if you're going to take on the heavy mantle of being a god, you should try and be a responsible one. 

Forgot my damn song. My friend gave me this. Love her.


Tour Stuff

October 14
Mythical Books
"These are lovely people"

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October 16
Fierce Dolan

Today's song is:

Chris Crocker, Baby...


Birthday Song

Colors of the Wind
Vanessa Williams

...the rainstorm and the river are my brothers
the herring and the otter are my friends
and we are all connect to each other
in a circle
in a hoop
that never ends...


Soon to be released from Rogue Publishing:

Yeah, it's like that:)

Soldier of Love


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October 10 Review
Howling Books and Design

October 11 Spotlight
Pure Textuality

I've have sincerely appreciated every stop along this tour thus far, and would like to thank everyone that hosted me on their wonderful blogs. I thank you for the time it took to include me. I will extend individual, personal thanks to each one of these marvelous people at the end of the tour. I think I mentioned somewhere along the way that I'm not all that good at social things. But, thank you for your gracious time and effort, while a social thing, is more important than my little quirks. 

Pronouncing Cathedron -silver-haired piece of man-sex in the beautifully-made-by-Bewitching-Book-Tours button above - Hmmn, think Cathedral, Ca-thee-dron.

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Don't forget the vampire contest mentioned below. The prize is a twenty-five dollar gift card and a place of honor at the Rogue Publishing website.

Show me your vampire and I'll show you mine. Who knows? They might really like one another.


The Sexiness that is Bunny Cat

Additional Tour Stops

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My gift today is the story of a love that isn't supposed to happen, but does...

I think it's pretty understood that I don't claim any of the videos I post as my own and I never would. I post the things I like in the hopes that someone will see them or listen to them and go pay homage to that artist that created them through the clickable link available.

Give these people some love if you enjoy them and have the time.


First Blog Tour, A Beautiful Short Film I found to Share, and a Vampire Contest

I have become a:

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I have to say that it's an honor. There is nothing better than professionalism and kindness when you don't know what you're doing, Bewitching Book Tours provided both. Although I have written several books, I haven't done much touring and the like. I was lucky to find these people....Lucky to find Roxanne Rhoads. I truly appreciate both her effort and her patience.  That said:

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(Pretty banner is Pretty)

 My first stop on the tour will be October 7, 2013 at the blog of A.C. James.

I'll post the whole tour later. This is going to be a long kind of post though. Well, long for me...


Once upon a time...



 Vampire Contest 

 There is a horde of vampires out there in literary fiction, television and movies. I'm looking for your favorite and why. The why is the most important part. What makes your chosen vampire stand out above all others? The winner of this contest will be chosen for sheer eloquence and lustful description at the end of the book tour. The prize is a twenty-five dollar Amazon gift card so that person can buy more vampires (or whatever else they choose). The winner entry will go up at Rogue PublishingSomewhere. Visible. And honored.

What few rules there are:

1. Entry needs to be less than 300 hundred words. It can be two words. "He's hot!" Probably won't win that way though. 
2. Include something I wrote along my tour--not in your entry, but somewhere in the comment--just so I know you were paying attention.
3. Post entry to Comment at Contact
4. I'll tell all who is my personal favorite and why
5. If you write poetry, then I love you.