Horrific Introspection

New reviews are nice, particularly on days when you want to...I don't know...ram your head into your computer screen for various reasons.

The Xander Hill Experiment is one of my favorite stories because it involves zombies. Lots and Lots of zombies. I'm pretty sure I was weaned on Night of the Living Dead. I am absolutely thrilled that someone likes this little nightmare as much as I do.

"The Xander Hill Experiment is one of the most hair-raising, barbaric and strangest horror stories I have ever read. The extent of gruesome gore produced by the zombie and survivors is enough to make most peoples' stomachs do a couple of uneasy rolls of queasiness. The main heroine, Laura, has her good and bad qualities. Yes, she is a cold-hearted killer, although her targets were very sick, twisted predators themselves.The good quality is that deep inside of her remains a scrap of humanity that wants to help Number 37. In spite of that, Laura must fight her own inner demons while trying to live in this horror infested "prison" she is trapped in. Dr. Bradbury is utterly insane without a doubt, but you must wonder about his experiment. Yes, the world as we know it has disappeared and reappeared as a twisted, kill or be killed type. One has to think hard about the murders; who is worse - the mindless zombie or the insanely, frightened people doing butchering for a huge range of reasons? This was a twist on movies like " Night of the Living Dead". I am a big fan of horror books and I found this book to be a top notch delivery of what I wanted for the evening. It was a scary, shudder and shiver marathon of twisted excitement. I savored each and every page of the book until the last page. The Xander Hill Experiment is a winner for those that do not mind reading books that push the envelope of horror.
Romantic Dreams
*Taming the Beast*
"Taming the Beast is a wonderful dark romance that will have all the readers looking for the beast within themselves. Raquel Taylor has a very unique way of weaving this love story, and she brings out the animal in all of her characters in this fabulous tale. I truly enjoyed reading Taming the Beast; Ms. Taylor has taken some of the most loved fairy tales and put her own amazing twist on telling them. Donatien fights the beast within him and Cher must find the Beast within her before it is too late or all is lost. Add in the great supporting characters Ms. Taylor has written, and you'll be praying for a sequel to this wonderful love story. Readers, go and get this book and discover the beast within you!"
Another Review for Taming the Beast by The Romance Studio:


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Marianne LaCroix said...

I have to say, the Xander Hill cover is creepy...I like it. :)

Raquel said...

Thank you, Mari:)

Tommy James Setliff / Thom Jaymes said...

Xandar Hill has a great cover! Can't wait to read it.

Raquel said...

Thank you:)