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Featuring Dark Castle Lord:

Romania, 1817

In order to save her brother from the curse of the Moldovan werewolves, Ileana Caragea—shunned and a witch—must call upon Lord Draco Constantinescu, King of the Romanian vampires, and his bevy of vampiric beauties. Draco is irresistibly drawn to the lovely human witch. He agrees to help her, but in return he demands a night of passion. Pleasure and pain intermingle as Ileana surrenders to the domineering seduction of the vampire Lord as he wipes away her loneliness with his hot, all-consuming caresses. Together, this wickedly sensual couple battle overwhelming supernatural odds.

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I've made a few mistakes with release dates and for that I apologize.
Seduction of the Fae is a big "I don't know."
Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight is due to be released in June:)


Sarah said...

Hi Raquel,

Hon been trying to reach you for a month now. can you email me? Pretty Please with sugar on top?

Thanks Carmel

Raquel said...

Sorry I've been very busy. Sent you an email.


Marianne LaCroix said...

Bill is hot on that cover. That is sure to sell in itself. Can't wait to read it.