I feel the necessity to defend myself and make my stand perfectly clear on some things:

I attended the Romantic Times Convention in Florida, 2009. I'll talk about that later, but I don't have any pictures and all those things or any talk of joyous times and fun. I'm all about business at the moment. There are lots of other authors with the fun pics and the like...go see them and their work for that kind of beauty. I am not on that right now.

My website is down (I think) because I WANT it to be... I had to let it completely go in order to find the will (through necessity, right?) to build another one from the ground up, all by my lonesome, with my tech-skillz-deficient self. Wish me luck. Something will be up sooner than later. It will be some shade of green:)

Okay...it's later as far as my Convention concerns go. I looked for Liquid Silver Books in order to politely request my books back. I heard from another author that the editor was looking for me to answer my concerns but we never quite ran into each other, shamefully. That said, I did call her room several times and received no return phone call, but because it's really busy down there...I can see how that can happen.

The contracts ran out on two of the books months ago...

This is what I know:

The Cambion's Kiss--The contract ran out in January, 2009. Without a word to me, the book is still being sold on the Liquid Silver site and other places. I request the book rights back via email. I have heard nothing.

Seduction of the Fae--The contract ran out in November, 2008. Without a word to me, the book is still being sold on the Liquid Silver site and other places. I request the book back via email. I have heard nothing.

Due to the unanswered emails and phone calls, I am speaking with a literary attorney on the matter of these contracts (or the complete lacks thereof) and another matter of not receiving a single dime from another company that I work for...ever--of course, I told the publisher to save my royalites until they got to be a thousand dollars, and at a buck twenty five a quarter that's gonna pay out in my ripe old age.

Ain't writin' fun...???

It's a shame when you love it helplessly, when it is and has always been your joy and solace....

But anyway,

We will see what these inquires bring, perhaps its all just some HUGE mistake and a few words will fix it right up so that everyone can go on their merry ways. But that was my convention.

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