Life Drawing a novel by Michael Grumley

This book was just given to me with the words: "You might like this." I looked at it. The cover was plain. The illustration was a half naked man (or he might be totally naked, the picture stops before you can find out) draped in swirls of orange and yellow (not my colors). But I WILL read anything. I've started a new book, which is the part I love the best, where anything is possible, and characters are shady at best as far as wants and dreams and worldview. Somewhere, this book is tied in with that start, and I have to acknowledge it.

This book was amazingly penned. It is a love story between two people set in Mississippi to start and then branches off to Hollywood and so forth and so on. It is the story of a boy who grows into a man and finds the kind of love that he can appreciate. He gives that love away in favor of more obviously carnal things and then finds that it is all that he could want in the world. It is a highly sexual book without all the naughty words and phrases. This fool (don't take that wrong we are all the self-same card in the deck at one time or another) goes to Hollywood and finds that all that glitters most definitely isn't gold...and that love is the only real thing that is golden.

The book was good. The author of the book, learned in forward and afterward, was far more interesting. I don't really care who an author is as long as they write a good story. However, this man's life was so fascinating, his love so deep and strong, his death so sad and sudden, that I found myself more engrossed in it than than the haunting words of his novel. Add that to the fact that his love published the book after his death and then died ten months later...

I do enjoy the rare, but marvelous people, and I found Mr. Michael Grumley and Mr. Robert Ferro to be both rare and marvelous.

Th-tha-That's All Folks...

NEXT...Ice Skating Up Hill...The Fall (cause people keep stickin' their big feet out) and the after thoughts of one sexy ass writer with a broken leg, shattered collar bone and dual fractures of the heart...


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