Review: Lover's Anonymous by Xavier Pierre Jr.

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Meet Xavier...

 Xavier is both cold and callous. He treats women poorly, and in searching his character for a reason why, there seems to be no answer. He is on an endless hunt. He is a romanticized panther that is always hungry and always in search of more prey. Xavier meets a string of women during the course of the tale. He is calculating about his engagements with each one. The illusion to the hunting beast is not overemphasized in the way he went about obtaining, undressing, and conquering these women. 

It is a mesmerizing thing, ladies, to watch. 

Xavier is rich, pampered, and lives in the exotic land of Haiti. There is both great wealth and great poverty living hand in hand in this place and you can feel it. Xavier meets different kinds of women, from the wealthy to the poverty stricken. He treats them all the same--as something to catch and devour. And, honestly, there's no reasoning behind it. It seemed to me that there was merely, somewhere within him, the need to do this. Sometimes, he felt guilt about it, depending on who the woman was, but, mostly, I just saw the compulsive need to conquer there, as strong as his alcohol addiction. 

This book will make you flinch. This book will make you mad. And, if you're honest with yourself, you may see yourself in some of these women. 

I appreciate the honesty in the tale, and l liked Xavier--but I'm weird, and I would. I wanted to see him happy in the end. 

You might want to kill him. 

But you should definitely meet him. He has things to teach you about how some men think. And about desperation and redemption. 


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