Dorian Parvus: Dragon Age Inquisition



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I want to say that Dorian is my favorite Dragon Age character yet. Alas, Fenris the wolf exists and he is a bondage slave, sooooo... I refuse to choose between them. I am also fond of  Zevran 'da thot' an Anders of the split persona. 

Honestly, Morrigan, Alistair, and Aveline also rank. 

Dorian is either number one or number two but he is top of the charts as far as charm and wit and character. His back story is a tumultuous sad thing, and he holds up well under all that sadness. He is just a greatly written being to hang around. I romanced him like romancing him was gonna pay me money. 

And, srsly, dat assssssssss... tho. 

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Dorian is Dragon Age's first official all gay character. A female character can not romance him. And he is well thought out in my humble opinion and so beautiful he even made that damn mustache work. 

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I highly recommend these games to just about everybody. I am going through a very tough time right now and living in the Dragon Age world is extremely helpful in seeing myself through this. Stress relief. Nice people. Noble quests to save the world ...

...makes one forget that stress is normal, nice people don't exist, and nobility died a long fucking time ago.

I had to erect a temple to him. Considering I didn't erect such a temple for Fenris, maybe this makes Dorian number one. However, I have written Fernis fanfiction, but, I think, for Dorian...it's only a matter of time... 

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