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My thirst for Fallout 4 is ridiculous. But I am also content to wait awhile as my thirst was Dragon Age 3 was just as bad. Then I beat it four times, and it's in the past now. It's a feeling that I hate, and therefore, sometimes, I make myself wait or am content to wait. The thirst is a driving thing, and the anticipation is something that I find that I like as frustrating as it can be.

I am also after the new Tomb Raider even though I enjoyed the way Lara looked when she looked like Angelina Jolie. Now, it seems that different people are making that particular series and I recently played a throwback to Angelina version about a temple and Aztec gods that I can't recall the name of at the moment, but enjoyed immensely. There's a new one of those too, and I shall have it as well. The new look, I don't particularly care for, but, having looked at it this long, I do believe I am over the initial rage at the change, and can play the game. The plot seems interesting enough and I can't let an aesthetic ruin the series for me. I will not, however, play the first game in the decision to change her.

Lara is, after all, the Queen of the Bad Bitch squad.

I do not really understand how these new things that call themselves 'feminists' and bitch and moan about sexism in video games while Lara exists. There are a lot of bad bitches in video games and I do believe if they ever played the damn things they'd likely have a better understanding of what they're bitching about. To me, it sounds more like: "Those women don't look like me. I'm fat. And mad."

But that's just me. There are some things that feminism needs to be on. Whining about video games is not one of them. It's like they don't want to fix the very real problems that women have, and only want to whine. I have 0 respect for the new face of feminism and their man-spreading, free bleeding ways.


Doing NanoWriMo and, simultaneously working on some Walking Dead fan fiction. I'm about a season behind because I don't watch the show week to week, but, a season at a time. This is actually probably my last season. The grape vine says that Glen has either died or is definitely going to die. Glen is my favorite character. After they killed both Tyrese and 'Everybody Loves Chris' I was pretty much done with the show. But I don't think I can take Glen dying. Glen's hawt, first of all,  and Glen and Maggie are gold to me. So, fuuuuck the Walking Dead. BUT, before I go, I do have a particularly corrupt and all fucked up piece of fan fiction for them.

The Nano book is meaningless and only serves to break my perpetual writer's block, which I truly appreciate Nano for. The task that I set myself was to finish early and the write it the first time so that it made sense. And it looks like that's going to happen, so, my appreciation for the November task is boundless. I thought I couldn't write anything BUT fan fiction for awhile there.

I've been getting some spammy emails about publishing Nano books--that won't be happening. This one, I did for me. Just to make sure I remembered how.


One of my favorite YouTube people, Thunderf00t, said some things so racist, he literally made my skin crawl. I do not understand how someone so brilliant can think things so twisted. It makes me question the truly poisonous nature of racism and how damning it really is that even a noted, admirable, scientist like him can be so WRONG.

I'm not going to bitch about it too much. I am used to disappointments. I did want to write his name down though and admit that I have been a follower of his little cyber cult of people who wish they were as smart as he seemed to be.

A pox upon thee, Thunderf00t. A pox, I say.


That's all...

Before going back to playing ...

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