Gorilla in the Midst

I would like to correct my Ghostbusters post--the part about Leslie Jones anyway. I said some awful things about her character in the movie, but none of those things was about the actress and person that is Leslie Jones. I've heard that Twitter is all about calling her gorillas and things, and while that's disgusting, there's a couple of things Leslie needs to know:

Leaving the racism that 'doesn't exist' out of things, the first thing that Leslie needs to know about an internet TROLL is that the motherfucker eats pain. It and its kin will say whatever it takes to get a reaction out of you. Internet trolls seek to hurt and maim and kill emotionally. I am very familiar with internet trolls. I seek them out and devour them. I find them fun to play with. They are dangerous, in their way, if you allow them to be. You are the billy goat, Twitter, in this case, is the bridge, and the Trolls lurk in the cesspool underneath reaching up with ragged claws seeking to drag one down into the depths of human misery--which is a place that is utterly bottomless. 

Dear Leslie, I know you will never see this. And even if you did, you'd be like: "Bitch who the fuck are you?"...BAWT...

Don't let them trolls drag you down. Its what they do, and while it can feel like its centered on you, it's just human misery regurgitating itself in vicious chunks. Its why I decided to leave out racism, because trolls will eat anything painful and they prey on the weak. With all that you have accomplished, you are not weak. Therefore, their shit shouldn't bother you. They are the most disgruntled, cowardly, and insignificant of the soul assassins that one has to face in life. And, with as many demons as you have faced in your life to be where you are, doing what you are doing, they should be a cakewalk through a sunny park in July with plenty of ice cream and  sweet friends to keep you company. Srsly.

The second thing to know about internet trolls is that they are all of us--or most, hence, you will get no help from, for example, Twitter, in blocking their tirade of bullshit at your person. People calling you all kinds of monkeys and shit is money, honey. Its a vicious, cannibalistic pain-circle that runs into the billions. 

Ignore the negativity. You are who you are. You did what you did. And that's great. Race is only a factor in that it is an easy thing to use to drag a person. I watched internet trolls kill one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen because he was gay. I'm sure there were other things in his life that cause the actual suicide, but, in the end, the trolls didn't help, and they just kept on going with their miserable lives after he was dead--erecting little temples in his honor, saying how sorry they were that he blew his brains out, slit his wrists, or what the fuck ever--R.I.P.

Man up, biznitch, nobody but your parents and your closest friends are happy for you in this life when you shine bright like a diamond. Stop being shocked about the commonplace, stay acting, and fuck 'em.

Don't feed the trolls. 


I still hate that impostor of a movie though.


Read a pretty good book for the first time in a long while. It was the wind down after a long ass week of absolute torture. I left it five stars but I don't talk, if I can help it, anywhere else but here--My Space (I actually miss Myspace, but...nvm that)...

The book held my attention all the way through even though it was short and free and there are two more that I have to get to complete the story. Author had good characterization and, while the plot wasn't the most different thing in the world, it was different enough for me to know that I'll be reading the rest of it. I'm always looking for good zombie related material and I found some. I truly hope that little Hispanic girl in her post apocalyptic world finds a way to save her parents from the wealthy cannibals that plan on eating them.

Drake is a piece of shit, btw. Seth's cool though in a Jonah Hexx type way.


Below is a beautiful woman. 
I'd like to see more of her--in movies and things.

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