Harsh Reality

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And the winner of this years Ugly American pageant is: Donald J. Trump.

I am less than surprised. People are freaking out. The klu klux klan is partying like it's 1759. I suppose things are going to get worse now for brown people. Shoved into private prisons/slave plantations with the rest of the boatloads, asked for my apartheid identity papers, and needing to be home before the streetlights go out so I don't get shot by the cops or some other desperate motherfucker just like me. At least I won't be bored. Hell, life is an adventure, yeah?

Lord Voldemort being elected is far from the problem. We had two shitty candidates. Those two people were the best that America could do. For me, therein lies the real problem. He is self-serving scum and she is self-serving scum in this self-serving scumbag of a country that selflessly serves the rich and selfishly enslaves the poor. Only the poor believe that color/gender/sexuality matters to rich people. This is because the poor are, for the most part, under-educated, religious, and, most importantly, mentally lazy. It is just easier to believe that whatever your problem is it's someone else's fault and then just pick somebody to fuck up to make yourself feel better because you suck.

The racial tension that doesn't exist in America, a racial tension that was played upon by a brilliant sorcerer with no credentials in order to win the highest (visible) seat in the land, increases. The level of small, petty-minded, and stupid is just...too much. I swear, it's like being forced to watch Here Comes Honey BooBoo forever--this world. Wearing those clamps on your eyes like that dude in A Clockwork Orange. Unable to shut your poor, dry ass peepers to the sad, ridiculousness of it all, you just do what he did, and dream of rape.

Speaking of rape, women, and quite a few dudes, to be honest, are going to have their pussies grabbed now, boiii. I suppose that, at least, is going to be a little fun. It's been awhile.

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I'm waking up
To ash and dust
I wipe my brow
And I sweat my rust

I'm breathing in
The chemicals
I'm breaking in
I'm shaping up
Then checking out 
On the prison bus

This is it
The apocalypse...

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