Merry Merry

I almost didn't post anything. It's been a weird year. I've been through a lot. Learned a lot. Writing two fan fics at once. I love the first one. Second one, is just weird and for my own amusement. There's supposed to be a third, but my writing partner wants to get to know meh. And that's just not going to happen. So, that one, though interesting in premise, will likely die, which is sad, but introverts gotta...introvert.

Those things said, I am...happy. Well, happier than usual anyway. Which is good for me. So, Merry Christmas, anyone who happens to read this. May the New Year be a happy, prosperous one for you. And I hope you get everything you want from that fat fuck, Santa Claus. 

We should make him pay what he owes, yeah?


...As the music dies, something in your eyes, calls to mind the silver screen...

...and all its sad goodbyes....

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