A Haunted House 2: Review

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I've read as many reviews for this movie as I could stand. In those reviews, I kept running into words like: crude, low-brow, and even minstrel show. Apparently, these movies are homophobic. Apparently, these movies are misogynistic. And, apparently, I am from a different planet than most of the people that reviewed this. I brook no homophobia. I watched Kevin Hart one time and he made a gay joke about his son that was so disgusting, he was rendered instantly invisible to me as a human being. I am female, so it stands to reason that I would be against misogyny. And I am. Captain Caveman is not for me. Therefore, in reading the reviews, I was shocked to learn that I thought they were absolutely full of shit in regards to this movie. 

Malcolm Johnson (Marlon Wayans) has a demonically possessed girlfriend named Kisha (Essence Atkins). In the last movie, I thought she killed him, Paranormal Activity style, however, Kisha is still around and still possessed by the demon. Malcolm has moved on with his life after their last encounter. He has a new girlfriend and is taking care of that woman's children. The drama begins almost immediately. Kisha wants revenge for being left for dead. The children are in various states of possession and no one believes Malcolm about the demon that is haunting his life. 

As a person who has watched every horror movie that this parody spoofed (as well as every horror movie that I can get my hot little hands on, bad or good), I can honestly say that I enjoyed this film and the one before it. I'm going to say that I don't understand the negativity that is attached to these films via these reviews. It's just easier than trying to sort out the nearly vehement hatred I saw in some of these reviews... not for the movie itself, but for the actor/creator. It's a strange kind of hatred too. The kind of hatred that admits the brilliance of the man because it can't be denied, but will say he hosts a minstrel show in the same breath. 

The reviews state flaws in the film like consistency of story as a draw back. The fact is, the stories is a mishmash of a lot of stories, and, personally, I found the mash well done and quite consistent. The reviews state their horror at the deaths of Malcolm's dogs, Shiloh 2 and Shiloh 3, as if the actor slaughtered the animals for real and on screen. The reviews talk about how crude the scene with Abigail the Doll was. One reviewer even stated that Malcolm 'violated' the doll. And I'm thinking: isn't that thought, in itself, a little biased and extreme? And some reviewers, going back to the first A Haunted House, want to complain about the fact that the ghost raped Malcolm and link it, somehow, to some inherent homophobia of the actor. The ghost in that movie raped Kisha too. Granted, rape isn't funny. I see an argument there, but it's not the argument being used. 

Is there something I am missing?

Perhaps I am crude. Perhaps low-brow. Perhaps I like minstrel shows. But I don't think so. 

I don't even like most comedy. I bootleg or digital download everything, because, mostly, it's all the same old shit, revamped, re-polished and re-uploaded onto the big screen. 

Then again, I enjoy The Hangover movies. A lot of the things people are saying about the  A Haunted House Series could be said of The Hangover movies, but aren't. The Hangover movies, most certainly, aren't a minstrel show, for example. But a memorable part of that series is my in-depth view of Chow's dick. [I thank him. My favorite character bar none].

Want to discuss crudeness and misogyny in The Hangover? Want to discuss a naked man bursting out of the trunk of a limo shouting, "You won't rape on me!!!" to a bunch of other men as an example of homophobia? 

Wanna be even a little bit fair?


Didn't think so. 

A Haunted House 2

Laughed my crude, misogynistic ass off. 
Hell, I actually PAID to see it. 
5 out of 5 LOL's

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