In Defense of Donald Sterling

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Everyone is all up in arms about what Donald Sterling, something-something-i-hate-basketball of the Clippers, said and/or did. Everyone is screaming racist like they've never seen one before. Apparently, Mr. Sterling is some kind of isolated incident of ignorance and he should be bullied and beaten and fined and fired for his thoughts. I think I might be the only person in the world that thinks this is...funny. At least, according to the news reports on the incidents and the reactions of people around me. 

Donald Sterling paying a fine isn't going to make him think any differently. His network of 'friends' who didn't want his mistress being seen around black people aren't going to change. The beat will go on like it always has. Nothing changes, nothing gets better, humans are still super selfish and super stupid and I still lament being one of them. We are capable of great beauty. We have created things from our imaginations that are stunning and magnificent--whether it's a story or an airplane. We have such tremendous potential, and we are squandering it. 

I don't give a fuck what Donald Sterling thinks of this race or that one. I don't even care that his filthy rich friends share his view. This is all commonplace for me. Next month, some other asshole will express something similar to what Donald Sterling said and everybody will freak out about that too. 

Hell, if I was one of them, I'd say something nasty just to see everyone running around gaping and staring and pointing and acting like damn fools for a little while. Wanna see my players change their socks from white to black and turn the jerseys that I payed for inside out in ineffective "protest". 

Meanwhile, what I stand for would still be firmly in place. Nothing really changes for me. I'm out a little pocket change out of the bazillions that are my assets (but I am the ignorant fool laughing stock...riiiiiight). A few people give me the stink-eye every now and then but not really as I have enough money to set them on fire in the streets and not do a day in jail. And I had a good time...

Somewhere in Africa, a truck pulled up to a boarding school, several trucks in fact, and a group of men got out. They walked into that school with guns and took up to three hundred female children. They burned the school down and loaded these young girls into those trucks and they disappeared into the mist. 

Do we think they took those kids to Candyland? Are those children, right now, sipping on honey-lemon rivers and eating cotton candy clouds in various shades of brilliant rainbow color? Is their laughter echoing through the boughs of licorice trees and chocolate mountains?

No, those kids are being raped and sold and tortured and abused. While everyone is worrying about what Donald Sterling thinks about in his off time with his mistress, children are being abused. Everyone knows it happened, and no one cares. 

That is what is really wrong with the world. What Donald Sterling said is a big deal. The rape of  three-hundred little African girls is not. 

Why pretend to get angry with Donald Sterling when, at least a part of the best of you, must share his belief about the subject he was ranting about? 

They say the proof of the pudding is in the taste. Let's see if that's true, shall we?

Mr. Sterling said: "Fuck 'em" ...

I can assure you that is what is happening to those missing children, so he's right there. 

Mr. Sterling said: "Feed 'em" ...

Well, if you buy a little slave girl, you kinda have to feed her, right? At least enough to keep her alive so you can honor Mr. Sterling's first thoughts on the subject. 

Mr. Sterling said: "Just don't promote them" ... 

Granted, he was talking about Instagram and Facebook and what not, however, this still holds true. There hasn't been a lot of news coverage on these missing children. Outside of the local police force in the place where they were taken from, no one is really looking for them. Isn't that a lack of promotion on the scale of what Donald-Dear was talking about?

So, where is he wrong? What did he say that was incorrect? Why is everybody yelling up at his lofty and palatial mansion again?

If the Clippers really want to protest the commonplace thoughts in Donald Sterling's head, I have an idea that would work. At least I think so. How about each one of the players donate ten thousand dollars to hire a small band mercenary thugs to go in there and get (at least some, but hell, ONE of) those kids?

How about all the players on all the basketball teams?

In retaliation for Donald-Dear's so-called immoral, disgusting, totally-out-of-the box-oh-shock-oh-horror thoughts...

I have no idea how much a small band of mercenary thugs costs, and the idea is probably ludicrous. But it's a start to thinking in the right direction, and it would definitely make something Mr. Sterling said incorrect, because, honestly, as it stands right now, the man is fucking right. 

Leave him alone.

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