Opie and "Savage" Anthony and a little something about True Blood

I know nothing about Opie and Anthony that I didn't hear today. Radio talk shows don't interest me very much. A long time ago, I was mesmerized by the freak show that was Howard Stern in a side-listening kind of way. He was an ass, but, I found that I couldn't dislike him. He was always spouting off some horror or another, but he was intelligent. I can not help but respect intelligence. There simply isn't a whole lot of it, and less and less everyday--or so it seems.  

Controversy doesn't impress me, nor do the racist rants of the truly ignorant. I just don't much care what anyone else thinks. However, there was something in this latest thing that got under my skin a little. It is the use of the terms 'savage' and 'uncivilized' to describe people. It is the lowest of blows to totally negate the humanity of a group of people based upon the color of those people. In such instances, human beings cease to be individuals by virtue of the color of their skin, an become and overwhelming and utterly negative 'whole'. It is a cop-out of both timeless and epic proportions--a coward's play.

"They are savages."

Above is a direct quote from one of Anthony's tweets to his screaming fans. He is referring to black people here and the fact that they are... 

1. (of animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, uncontrolled.
1. (chiefly in historical or literary context) a member of a people regarded as primitive or uncivilized.
1. (especially of a dog or wild animal) attack ferociously and maul.

Savage is, honestly, one of my favorite words. I love reading Dan Savage . I wrote Savage Love. Conan the Barbarian is my favorite savage though his author probably thought a lot like this Anthony person. To see such a beautiful word used in this boorish, repetitive context is, well, mind-numbing. And so very historically familiar. It's like being forced to eat the same cereal every meal for the rest of your life to the point where, if someone shows you a box of that shit, you might run screaming into the streets. 


And that's all I have to say about that. 

Let's talk about THIS instead:

 photo JasonandEric_zpsa2faecb0.jpg

Eric the Vampire and Jason Stackhouse (aka Jason StackedAsFuck)


While I no longer watch this show because the plot was just... all over the place, this definitely has my attention. I was intensely fond of both of these characters once upon a time and putting them together like this, even if it is only a dream Jason (<.<  -sidestares-) is having...

... is kinda beautiful...

...Really beautiful, actually...

...Go True Blood.

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