Turning The Water Off In Detroit

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All the ugly things
you ignore
Will one day
knock upon
your door...

With grisly face
And ghastly grin
Those fuckers will ask
To come in...

What will you say then?

The water is off for a lot of people in Detroit, Michigan. It seems to me that Detroit is being tortured by a very skilled and deliberate kind of maniac. First, Detroit was robbed of it's resources, leaving it a barren place, empty, lonely, desolate. Isolation. Solitary confinement. A booming city became an absolute ruin in my lifetime. And it wasn't burned to the ground, but smothered to death. Slowly and methodically. Secondly, the place became the stuff of nightmarish legend in its own time. "Don't go to Detroit," etc. A bad place filled with bad people. Dangerous and foreboding. There are fantasy stories about demon cities that have better legends than those of the city of Detroit. 

With all it's jobs taken away, the city of Detroit appears on little internet shows about ghost towns. Curious travelers wander dilapidated buildings during the bright and safe light of day and show the eager viewer the remnants of what once was a big beautiful American city. Blame gets tossed around about how exactly the collapse of the city happened. Was it the people? Are they so terrible? Was it Big Business moving on to less expensive labor? Was it this? Was it that? Was it mishap or malicious?

Again, the water for a lot of people has been turned off in Detroit. Because the city has nothing, then the people who remain have nothing. They can't pay their water bills and so when those water bills went over a hundred and fifty dollars, the city started turning off their water. 


I can't express enough DISGUST to take that in. 


The arguments are, and there are always arguments for this kind of blatant bullshit, that the people didn't pay their water bills and, therefore, are not entitled to water. To that, I only say that water should be free. I understand all the bullshit and all the crap about the fact that it's filtered (rather) and provided with ease through faucets and shit, BUT, water should be free. A person should not be allowed to suffer without clean drinking water in America. EVER

In Total Recall people on Mars were being charged for AIR. That seemed so fantastical to me when I saw it for the first time. It's not so fantastical now. I can guarantee, the day it comes to pass that there is a way to charge for the stuff, many people will have their damn eyes bursting out of the sockets for lack and other people will either stand idly by and watch or relish the fact that they can afford it and look down from their air-laden chambers upon those that can not with great disdain.  

It amuses me to no end that, if some foreign dictator was doing this, America would pop its nosy ass head up and judge that guy. "How Horrible," our dear old Uncle Sam would say. "Savages!" he would cry. 

The people in Detroit aren't poor enough? They didn't go from pretty good, secure lives to abject poverty fast enough? They didn't have little enough, barely maintaining existence in what has become a fallen hell-hole. Now... they can't even have water? 

Is this murder?

Is this forcing people to move to make room for some clandestine something else?

What is this?

What is it REALLY?

What sick fucking SADIST is in control of this?

_____ Sidenote _____

I can't draw. I don't take pictures. None of the artwork here is mine, but belongs to the creativity of marvelous others. I post them because I appreciate them for one reason or another. 

Not a thief--get robbed too much for that:)

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