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Haven't really been into Nicki Minaj since Itty Bitty Piggy, which I loved. Starships isn't bad. The Malcolm X thing kinda made me sick. However, this bad little bitch has redeemed herself in my eyes. 

Oh my gosh...
Look at her Butt...

When that douchebag went public and talked about her latest album cover, I didn't expect much out of her, frankly. I am so used to people bowing down and accepting the many hypocrisies of the world. 

My anaconda don't...
My anaconda don't
My anaconda want none...
Unless you got buns hon...

She didn't accept that shit though. She got mad. And her response to that guy (at least to me) is the video for the song Anaconda. That ass is shaking like a salt shaker--like a malt maker--and it is beautiful. 

I'm hearing all sorts of shit behind it. What's this video even about, etc.

The video is a response. And it's a great one. 

Drake's face at the end when she walks away is so damn lustful and sexy. Thirsty
2 weeks in the hot desert and that ass is the only water for miles -- Thirsty


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this vid:)

Shake it...
Shake it...
Shake that healthy butt...
Baby Got Back. 
                                            ~ Sir Mix A Lot

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