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I am from a sketch book
From colored pencils and computers
I am from the tall building with the rose bushes
and the meows of my cat, Logan
I am from the green vines upon our windows
The lake and Pier

I'm from baking and artistic skill
From mother and father
I'm from laughing and playing games
And from fiendish delight

I'm from "We'll fix it together," and "I will always love you"
And the "Ghost Busters" tune
I'm from competitive gaming
I'm from the hospital and home
Nutella and omelets
From "The small girl who always went to 
the library to read." And her eyes never left the pages.  


Bird of My Feather

Long winged rider of sweet midnight breezes
Made of dreams, fears and fantasies
Flying high in the realm of pure imagination
Creating the sky that becomes your domain
Speaking in thunderclaps and soft whispers
Vivid colors and sweet aromas left in your wake
Unperceived by a world numbed to beauty
And comfortable in ignorance

Wingtips touch and inspiration ignites
As mirror images take flight
Identical opposites intertwined in midair
Most would never understand
They look up in admiration
But would want to destroy us if we flew too low
So higher ever higher we dance through the air
As long as this dream shall last


I didn't write either of these.. but they are both mine all the same. 

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