Changing the Meaning of Success

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There's a petition at change.org to change the meaning of the word success. 

The dictionary definition of success is:

the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame

The new definition hopes to expand to: 

happiness derived from good relationships and achieving personal goals. 

I was asked once what success as a writer meant to me ... if I considered myself successful and my answer was derived from this first definition. My answer was bitter, mean and full of shit to some degree. When people who matter to me ask me the question (and they have to some extent, though not exactly this) my answer is quite different. Rather, when people who  write ask me is they should write, my answer is always the same. If you want to write, if you need to write, then nothing else matters but getting the words down. I don't have time for bitterness when it comes to other people who seek my help in deciding whether they should put their dreams down on pages or not. First of all, there's happyness in it. 

Secondly and Selfishly, they give me something to read, and I have read such beautiful things from the minds of others. 

Do I think the world is a horrible, greedy place that will take advantage of you if it can? Yeah, undoubtedly. But, in that same vein, Strayer University is working hard to redefine something that really needs redefining. It is, truly, the beautiful things that give me hope, and this petition is a beautiful thing. With it, comes a redefining of what truly matters in life. And it leaves the greedy parts somewhere in the dust where they belong. 

If you happen to stop by here, sign this, and help change the world

One word at a time.


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