What Does Not Kill You...

The police are brutalizing black women and children. They are killing young black men. This is a symptom of a terrible disease that this country has, and has always had. The disease is like a secret among the denizens of the country. Everyone pretends that the disease does not exist. Very few people are willing to admit that the 'land of the free' isn't. First of all, you are penalized for it. "Everyone has an equal opportunity," screams the masses. "Everyone is treated the same," they cry from their bogus decrees written hundred of years ago. Degrees that were lies even then. 

A 'race-baiter' is a person that cries about the racism in this country. I study these things because they are interesting and because they concern me personally. I'm not sure when the term race baiter was coined but I've had it thrown in my face several times in debates on the internet when it's just me and some person going at it about the state of affairs in America. I deal with reality and race-baiter does not fit into my reality. There is no such creature. There is just the racism. The people who benefit in totality from the racism and the victims of the racism, who are often quieted by this term: race-baiter. There's also the 'race-card'. The race card is the card in the deck of life that is played by someone seeking to blame others for their problems. 

Words are like magic, particularly for me. I know their power and effect. The fact that the two terms mentioned above even exist is ridiculous. People using those terms against me in relatively civilized argumentation even more so. Another thing is the way the word racism is used now. It has been downplayed into something that it isn't. It has been made less. A black man who says something negative about white people is a racist now. Racism implies power. A powerless person can not be racist. In order to be racist a person has to be able to deny you a job, beat you without paying any price, rape you without paying any price, kill you without paying any price. 

I've heard all kinds of fuckery, really. Senseless Cat-In-The-Hat type things while dealing with some of the people I purposely put myself in contact with. Everything's a learning experience for me. I don't shy away from it. My goal, over all, is to understand the things life throws at me in a constant, unending barrage. I watch the the truth being twisted, serpentine, like a snake. I watch lies become truths with time. The world's so full of shit, it's eyes are brown like mine. 

In the very rudiments of the English language, everything bad is dark and black and everything good is light and white. I use those words everyday to describe things and I rarely take the time to consider what I am saying, what is being said to me, and the message that is being sent out to the world, consciousness by consciousness, via the simple little things that are said to other people. 

Things that start with words spoken into consciousness become the violence we are seeing today. When grown men attack little girls and beat them without thought or pity for the fact that these are, first of all, children, and secondly female children, we have a fucking problem. A bombing little girls in churches type problem. And unequal education system type problem. A lynching, white sheet under the cover of darkness, cross burning type problem. A terrible, dragging the country down, destroying the world soul by soul type problem. 

There is always a price to pay for everything. I had to learn this the very hard way. I think everyone does. Nothing good is ever free. If one, for example, is benefiting by fucking over others for fun and profit, the simple FACT is, there's a cost for that too. Everybody pays in one way or another. This is the way we've set up the world, and if we didn't set it up, we allow it, we go along with it. We contribute. BUT, if you can watch your television at night, at home with your family and see a little girl get the living shit beat out of her by some grown as man with a badge and justify that shit in your mind in ANY WAY... YOU have a problem. If you can watch a man get shot in the head for simple non-compliance ... YOU have a problem. If killing a twelve-year-old boy for playing with an easily purchased dollar store toy in a public park is okay with you ... YOU have a problem. 


The first step in correcting the problem is to stop pretending like it doesn't exist. 


The problem affects everyone. You are an asshole because of the problem. You condone the beating and murder of children in a compliant way. You allow the problem to exist. 

One world. One people, motherfuckers. What's so hard about that? Put the fucking box of Crayolas down for a minute and pick up a fucking book. Not an e-book either, an actual fucking book. About something important, like the mass extinction of the human race color by motherfucking color. It'll be aptly titled: What Fuck-Tards do with Absolute Power by Raquel Taylor


I've heard stories that people who have filmed the police during the commission of some of these crimes have gone to jail for filming. I'm not sure if this is true, and I haven't looked it up because this is MY blog and I'll say what I want here. If this is true, then how in the world did dumb ass America let something like that happen? 

As the world spirals into absolute chaos, I bet every ONE of you dumb sons-of-bitches can tell me exactly how big Kim K's ass is and the exact amount of booty sweat she had on the fucker the night before last. 

What a bunch of dangerous, murderous shit for brains ... with nukes. 

Holy fuck. 

(Nothing against Kim K, btw. I respect that bitch's grind.)

And now, a little Tre Melvin ... to lighten to mood...

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