I wanna ruin our friendship
We should be lovers instead ...


I don't have anything in particular to bitch about this fine night. This is  one of those 'the state of the world ain't none of my business' and the fact that 'other people seek to control imaginations and minds' don't matter kinda nights. This post is because I fell in love with this song and this video. And when I love something musical, I put it here so I can write about it later--and don't forget that it's on the mental agenda to be addressed at some point. 

Slippy memory is slippery and there's altogether too much drama to keep up with all the beautiful things without some kind of list. There was a slight drama about whether this song meant what it said or not, and the video clears up its meaning perfectly for all those who wished it otherwise. It's there in the lyrics for me, but some people need to see things to believe/admit them, I guess. 

The singer is a 'he' and I adore every damn time he deigns to open his pretty, pretty mouth. This makes me happy when so many things seems to be trying to make me very, very sad. 

First post of the new year is pretty, and I am glad. No hate. No bitterness. No fear. No drama. Just ... hope. 

Jenny, darling you're my best friend
But there's a few things you don't know of
Why I borrow your lipstick so often
I'm using your shirt as a pillowcase...

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