Magic Dance

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It's weird to be in love with someone forever. And, yet, I can't call what I felt for this beautiful thing any less than the love that it was. And while I fell in love with him in this movie, the character and the man, he was just a kind of beautiful person all around. I'm going to miss this one ... sorely. 

The Goblin King in Seduction of the Fae was based upon him, that's how deep the rabbit hole goes. And I remember back when the reviews were good, that someone asked me if I would write a story based upon that singular character and I said yes, but never did it. I regret that because love would have made that story pretty fucking great, I think. 

Of course, Labyrinth was only a small part of this gorgeous person. But it was the first time I notice him and though: "Wow...how shiny. How brilliant and glittery and golden."

There's such a sad love 
Deep in your eyes
A kind of pale jewel
Open and closed
Within your eyes
I'll place the sky
Within your eyes...

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He made such beautiful music and said sane things in a world that desperately seems to want to be insane. He tried to make the world better, and for that I erect this tiny little temple.

I also heard that he started out as a mime. Gotta respect the big brass balls. 

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