It's bad when you're sitting here trying to think of something worth saying. While this blog is a Dead Space ( shudder, horrifying games) I feel obligated not to let the fucking thing die on my account. So, every once in a while, I have to crawl out of the beauty of Anon and come over here and think of something to say to fill up space. 

Sooo... what shall I blather on about? The nightmarish, cartoon-like election? The fact that I've gained some appreciation for the police saving my arse lately? The fact that I am deeply immersed in the Fallout universe--playing two games at once--and almost didn't shoot Benny in the face because, for just a second, boning that little weasel was way more important to me than giving the bitch the death he so rightly deserved?

Sure. All that. Why not?

1. The election is bullshit. Better candidates are standing around garbage cans under bridges talking to themselves about the aliens that control everything. Hilary's racist. Trump's racist. And I know nothing about Sanders--not really. Nothing against the last candidate and, if I do vote in this meaningless joke of a mess, it'll probably be for that one, but, most likely, I won't even bother. They're all the same puppet except one of them has a vagina. I am less worried as to whether a woman will be president and more worried if she'll be a GOOD one, and that person has said some things/holds some basic beliefs that ... make me sick--Trump sick. I would have shown up on election day for the young, intelligent, Dez Nuts. I liked him. 

2. Police are people. Some bad. Some good. The system they operate under is corrupt. Being corrupt is rewarded in a corrupt system, and being decent is punished. Its an ugly little circle where the power hungry asshats hold all the power and the humans better shut their fucking mouths--just like everything else. Shit always. Always. Floats to the top. It's just the people way. I don't hate the police. I fear them. And, the other day, I needed them and they were there. Correct the unjust system and the police will be corrected. Much like correcting the Catholic Church at its core--making them pay taxes and holding them accountable--will correct the shuffling around of all these roguish pedophiles from church to church like a plague on little kids. But if you tell a group of people that they can do whatever they want and get away with it--they'll do whatever they want and get away with it. And the decent ones involved will be quiet because the bad guys, unlike 'decent' folk,  Always, Always make you pay. 

3. Benny.  Shot my character in the face at the beginning of the game and then he and his goons buried him in a ditch. He's a little scumbag in a checkered coat that one chases all over the Mojave seeking revenge. Basically though, it wasn't personal. He was just looking out for him. He's kind of cute in rat-bastard kind of way. And begs for his life quite poetically. Did not save him. But it was close.

Fallout's a nice series. It's not quite Skyrim nice (drrragons) but it's pretty awesome. Bethesda makes good shit. Bioware's (Dragon Age/Mass Effect) still better. 


And that's all the meaningless bs I can conjure right now. 

Remember this?

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