Erotica Part Deux

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It's amazing what you'll miss when you leave a thing alone for three or so years. Mucking about underneath the cover of darkness -- as creatures like myself are wont to do -- I stumble upon the big witch burning that took place not too long ago. By witch burning I mean the time period where publisher were removing indie erotic books from the marketplace. Considering I just spoke out for the erotic, I feel the need to address this issue--since I'm not sure whether it's over or not. I don't much care, honestly. I have always been a witch, from the moment I stepped foot into this. Nothing that is done in this realm surprises me anymore. I expect any kind of low blow or sleazy move. 

For me, it's just...interesting. I believe this happened around the time I put out Savage Love, but I was so busy trying to guard myself against thieves, land sharks, and other unsavory characters that populate the publishing world, I barely had time to note it. 

People's obsession with other people's sexuality has been a thing that has never failed to confound the living fuck out of me. It really is just kind of fascinating that the same people that want to censor other's have twenty year old mistresses, etc. They seem to me to be obsessed with sex far more than a person who sits down and writes such things for the pleasure of others. 


A long time ago, I was fucking around on a website devoted to writing. The place has since changed its name, but it is still around. I met people there and got to know them pretty well online. I met a lonely, creative and talented woman (who happened to have a pretty goddamn good job in the field, actually. Well, beside the field anyway). She had a husband, but she was still unhappy. One day, she pissed me off in some annoying little way and I told her I'd write her into a story...a bad story...a wicked one. And she dared me to do it with an anticipation that truly intrigued me. 

I stayed up all night and created a man for her, a situation, a dream. 

This story was the first story of its nature that I ever wrote. 

I didn't write that for myself. I wrote that for HER. And she loved it. It made her happy. My time, my effort, that sexy ass man...all of it. 

I have never been so proud as when I received the email from her telling me how much she enjoyed that adventure, how it took her away, for a little while, from the things she felt were wrong with her life, how she found pleasure in it. 


The level of censorship that took place during the 'witch burning' is less disturbing to me than it would be for an author who is not me--at least I hope so. I sincerely hope that no one else is being censored in the way that I am being censored on this 'personal' level. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 

However, I question the cause of this censorship. I'm sure it's been gone over a thousand times by bewildered authors, so I won't bother stating the reasons that I believe caused such a thing. I will say this: In this world, it is always money. Who gets how much of the pie. 

As a person that gets none ... I'm only mildly disgusted. In a faux-moral sense, there are those who use their power and influence to pass judgment on others. I don't think there's ever been a time when that wasn't the case. Were the witch trials ever about burning honest-to-goodness-Satan's-Sword-Swallowing witches? Or were they about control?

I felt like I needed to amend my first post, considering I have come to understand something of why a company that promotes books would shun erotica--at least in the business sense. 

Also, someone be kind and tell me: Do frogs fuck?

I could Google it, but, you know...I'm using both hands to fap on all this erotica I'm writing, being depraved and all. 

Help me out?

Nine Inch Nails: Closer


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