Sexy University Students show some Thor and Loki love

 photo 19fec0b7-8d2f-4645-9eb5-ab621021db90_zpsfc2c7c38.jpg

Graduates of  Shandong University in China did some amazing things with their graduation photos. This one caught my eye and drew an immediate smile which I want to struggle snuggle them for.  

Whomever the two guys are who took the graduation pic, I appreciate the hell out of them. The fan-made poster of Thor and Loki made me rush to see that movie in the first place, and these two students look gorgeous in similar pose. Sexy at it's absolute finest for the minds that went into creating this. 

Sidenote: I recommend reading the Norse myths to anyone who was as pleased by the fan-art as I was. Don't let the television and movie screens tell you everything. The original myths are filled with Thor wearing dresses and Loki having babies--not someone having babies for Loki, but Loki having them himself

I believe he gave birth to a dragon at some point...

Making for better/fiction/fanfiction, reading is fucking fundamental:)

But, to sexy China, pictures are, truly, worth a thousand words. 

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