Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle RAGE

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I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michelangelo was my favorite. Though this mutant turtle kicked much ass, he was mellow in a way that I liked. His world view was sweet, and I wanted nothing more than to sit on the rooftop of some building with him and destroy a pizza together while the sun set in the west and all that. Even as a kid I knew he and his brothers were named after Renaissance painters of greatness. Somehow my childish mind attributed their characteristics onto those artists in some weird type of way, and those awesome artists became human beings for me. I became interested in the work via a child's cartoon. They were the good guys, fighting the bad guys to a standstill for no more reason than that the bad guys were wrong. It was no deeper than that, and the simplicity felt good. 

The Turtles were adolescents, and talk about being different. Having acne, being chubby, and different as human beings had nothing on what these guys had to go through. They were so human they ached. They lived in the sewer in order not to be pointed and stared at, and despite that, they handled their differences well and rose to become heroes. 

Because of This: 
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I was introduced to This:

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And not because I was forced to learn it, but because I wanted to. 

That said, I didn't know that Michael Bay was "remaking" the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles until I caught the trailer. I can not express my disappointment enough in words upon viewing that...thing

I loved the Transformers too. I do not watch his Transformer movies. There's just something missing in them besides explosions. But, Dear Mr. Bay, Shredder is not a Transformer. He is not an robot in disguise. Shedder is just a bastard in a shiny suit.  He was a human being, and he was flawed and jealous and a whole lot of other things that made him a very bad man. Not ROBOT. Man

People keep kicking me in the childhood. -Sniff-

And the turtles are ... ugly ... in a way they've never been before. Big. Bulky. Sinister looking. They've lost something in this dark translation--kind of like Superman turning into a villain and killing everyone recently. 

The world seems dark to most people. The villains are running rampant and unchecked, they have the best cars, the most money, and because of that, they seem to be things to be admired. As human beings we look up to the powerful, and if the most powerful happens to be Darth Vader on a mean Crack binge, then we tend to make him our hero. However, it is not good to paint everything with the same bloody, rape-y, rage-encrusted brush. It leaves little room for beauty, hope...

...and messages about how being different ain't necessarily bad.  

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