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October 10 Review
Howling Books and Design

October 11 Spotlight
Pure Textuality

I've have sincerely appreciated every stop along this tour thus far, and would like to thank everyone that hosted me on their wonderful blogs. I thank you for the time it took to include me. I will extend individual, personal thanks to each one of these marvelous people at the end of the tour. I think I mentioned somewhere along the way that I'm not all that good at social things. But, thank you for your gracious time and effort, while a social thing, is more important than my little quirks. 

Pronouncing Cathedron -silver-haired piece of man-sex in the beautifully-made-by-Bewitching-Book-Tours button above - Hmmn, think Cathedral, Ca-thee-dron.

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Currently Reading: Passion by Shinobu Gotoh and Shoko Takaku
Currently Playing: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD (because I have a dorkus video game addiction)
Currently Working On: Soldier of Love, which is mostly done and just being nitpicked to death.
Currently side-writing/roleplaying: ThunderFrost! Thor is so mad at his brother right now.
Currently Listening to: This:

Don't forget the vampire contest mentioned below. The prize is a twenty-five dollar gift card and a place of honor at the Rogue Publishing website.

Show me your vampire and I'll show you mine. Who knows? They might really like one another.

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