First Blog Tour, A Beautiful Short Film I found to Share, and a Vampire Contest

I have become a:

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I have to say that it's an honor. There is nothing better than professionalism and kindness when you don't know what you're doing, Bewitching Book Tours provided both. Although I have written several books, I haven't done much touring and the like. I was lucky to find these people....Lucky to find Roxanne Rhoads. I truly appreciate both her effort and her patience.  That said:

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(Pretty banner is Pretty)

 My first stop on the tour will be October 7, 2013 at the blog of A.C. James.

I'll post the whole tour later. This is going to be a long kind of post though. Well, long for me...


Once upon a time...



 Vampire Contest 

 There is a horde of vampires out there in literary fiction, television and movies. I'm looking for your favorite and why. The why is the most important part. What makes your chosen vampire stand out above all others? The winner of this contest will be chosen for sheer eloquence and lustful description at the end of the book tour. The prize is a twenty-five dollar Amazon gift card so that person can buy more vampires (or whatever else they choose). The winner entry will go up at Rogue PublishingSomewhere. Visible. And honored.

What few rules there are:

1. Entry needs to be less than 300 hundred words. It can be two words. "He's hot!" Probably won't win that way though. 
2. Include something I wrote along my tour--not in your entry, but somewhere in the comment--just so I know you were paying attention.
3. Post entry to Comment at Contact
4. I'll tell all who is my personal favorite and why
5. If you write poetry, then I love you.

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