Count Dracula

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I believe I mentioned somewhere along the tour that Dracula was my favorite vampire of all time. Though a vicious predator, the Count is beautiful to me. He is the most beautiful in the form above simply because this is the way I first saw him. 

As terrifying as he was, I fell in love with him instantly. As I have gotten older, I learned that my love stemmed from this creature's basic honesty. He was in love. His love was denied him. He wanted to tear down the world in revenge for that. 

He uses humanity's basic nature against them in order to get what he wants. He plays with lust like it's a game he knows very well reducing people to their most basic animal without pretense. He cuts through all bullshit and he gets those panties off--every time

Count Dracula is the least full-of-shit person I know (as well as you can know a fictional character anyway). He's not a rapist. He does not use force. He is seduction personified. I've studied Vlad Tepes with a passion, and somewhere on my computer is a huge ass story about him/Dracula. It's not erotic, though it does have elements. Mostly, it's just...weird. 

I'm considering giving it away for free in chapters, since, ultimately, that's what I do anyway. Write for free. 

$0.00, Babeh.

Definitely a labor of love.

It's just so odd, I have to wonder if people will read it. It's already written (questionably), so posting a chapter once a week wouldn't be too much for me to handle without an editor and all that--and I have a domain name for it. And, at least you'll get to go some place truly strange.

We'll see...for that particular story.


I think that's all my silent, slightly nefarious, little stalkers...

...Except the song of the day...

...Dedicated to my vampire...

Darling I'm Lost
Adrift in the dark
Clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more
So let in the light
Turn me to dust
If it don't end in bloodshed dear
It's probably not Love...

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